A fairytale love story…

When I started blogging officially, oh about five or six years ago, I was lucky enough to earn my first two loyal South African readers.  Their online names were AngelsMind and Glugster.  With them came a few other readers, but Angel and Gluggie were two of the first online people I ever really considered friends offline.

Although I hadn’t met either of them in real life, Angel and I used to furiously comment on each other’s blogs and Gluggie and I used to have drunken Skype chats weekly.  Usually he was the drunk one.  There I was, living in a tiny little dorpie on the South Coast of KZN, working in an art gallery, living my little small town life and getting over the death of my child and not long after, the death of my almost boyfriend, Andrew.  Gluggie was my sanity, amongst other really good friends.  I blogged my life back then, much more so than I do now.  Every little detail of my heart used to go online, and for some reason it didn’t scare Angel or Gluggie away, in fact I believe it made them love me more.

Back then, Angel was a single mommy to her young teenage boy who I affectionately have always called Demon.  Angel and Demon, hehe.  Gluggie was a divorced bachelor with two terrorist dogs and he lived alone.  I used to urge him to go on dates and he used to urge me to stop brooding at home and get out and do something with my life.

There was another blogger, Sweets, who we all adored too.  Sweets decided that she would arrange the first ever get together, now more commonly known to us online folks as a Tweet Up.  And so Sweets, Angel and Gluggie all went to dinner, and Glugs didn’t wear a suit even though he’d been challenged to.  To cut a long story short (mostly because the finer details are now rather hazy), Angel and Glugster saw each other and their eyes made love on the spot.  Or something.

The next day, I had Glugs on Skype and he was all butterflies and rainbows, Sweets says she had Angel on Skype and their conversation was also unicorn vomit and fairy pooh.  After some coaxing from Sweets and I, Angel and Gluggie started dating.

And that, as they say, is how the cookie crumbled was the start to a happily ever after for my very dear friends.  A few years on, while we all still blog and have the occasional Skype chat, we get to sit in each other’s company face to face more often.

It seems that sometimes friends do actually take each other’s advice… I listened to Gluggie and stopped moping around at home and got on with my life and did something meaningful (I mean look at me now, living it up in the Big Smoke of Hoburg!) and he listened to me: he and Angel get  married to each other in two more sleeps!

My friends, I love you.  So much.  I could honestly not name one other couple that deserve this more.  You’ve been an inspiration to so many people through your friendship, your support, your kindness and most of all, your love.

Thank you for sharing your day with us, and I feel so honoured to be a witness to your special day.  Congratulations!

<3 <3 <3

For those of you who would like to also share a bit of their love, Angel and Gluggie are live streaming their wedding here, so tune in on Saturday to see us celebrate our friends matrimonial ball chain ceremony.


  1. Amy says:

    Aww, that is sooo adorable! Who says you cant find true love online? ( Not me by the way, thats where i found my gorgeous fiance and now have my true baby love too )

  2. Angel says:

    Aw you are so sweet Shebeeliciousness!
    It seems like an age ago that we were reading and commenting and getting to know each other online, and at the same time it feels like just yesterday!

    I am very excited to be able to share such an awesome event in my life with some of the people who mean so very much to me!!

  3. Heidi says:

    Damn you Sheena – now I’m crying again… like I will no doubt be on Saturday. *note to self, buy waterproof mascara*

    Where was I? Oh… What a gorgeous post – it’s so good to know fairytales do happen and I cannot wait to see the happy ending at the wedding.

    And Angel’s false eyelashes.. can’t wait to see those either.

    So much of love this week, so much.

  4. Sam says:

    What a lovely post Sheena – just beautifully written :-). Congrats to the happy couple and everything of the best for their future together 🙂

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