3rd trimester hormones are a bitch

I have to admit that I’ve totally underestimated pregnancy hormones until I hit the 3rd trimester. Before now, it was a light hearted nod at pregnancy if ever I felt a little emo. Now, in the 3rd trimester, I’ve been more tearful and emotional than ever in my life. I feel ALL the feelings, good or bad, in extremities. But mostly, I just cry for ridiculous reasons. Which doesn’t help since I’m the type of person who has always considered my own tears a weakness. Today’s reason(s) for crying*:

  • A phone call with my mom (we both sobbed in intervals)
  • Re-reading about Dobby’s death in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
  • Our special friend Tami gave birth to her little Bean this morning and whatsapped me pics shortly thereafter, which had me snotting all over my face
  • DSTV installer installing the DSTV incorrectly, making me phone Multichoice call center back twice and trying to discipher the tech talk and figure out which settings were needed, only to have the installation company call me back and admit that they were wrong and they’d come back and redo the whole thing
  • Thembi ate the blocks of cheese that Jon cut up for me for a snack so that I didn’t have to forage in the fridge and figure out what to eat (I have zero appetite lately, he’s force feeding me at the moment)
  • A frozen food delivery during the rain requiring me to get up and unlock after I’d *just* gotten myself comfortable in bed after a very long and emotional day
  • The frozen food delivery guy and DSTV installer guy both left muddy footprints all over my shiny clean floors and I couldn’t find the mop to clean it up (I eventually gave up and came back to the bedroom to attempt finishing off the chapter about Dobby’s death)
  • Got back to the bedroom to find that Elvis the cat has left muddy paw prints all over the clean, white linen on my bed

I am fully aware of just how ridiculous all of the above things are. I even find myself ridiculous in the moment of actual tear purging. I just can’t help it, and that is what blows my mind the most. What a wuss.

Yay for a long weekend, Jon is the only person on earth that I can actually tolerate right now – he just gets me, and he’s so patient, and now he gets to spend 3 WHOLE UNINTERRUPTED DAYS WITH ALL OF THIS. Honestly. I have no idea how he’s putting up with me at the moment, I’m a hot mess.

* I have to give a shout out to fellow baby baker, Kate from Rupert Approves, for doing almost this exact post a few weeks back. I must admit that I kind of sniggered and thought she was being SO silly.  I even admit to thinking “thank GOD my hormones aren’t as bad as hers”.  Ha ha, he who laughs last, etc…


  1. MeeA says:

    Baking a human is HECTIC by itself and automatically entitles you to the highest levels of ridiculous for the full duration. Baking a human with complications/on bed rest/being housebound? Dude, it’s a F.R.E.E LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP ticket to Club Cuckoo, Chez Ridiculous, Temper Island AND Queen Bee Castle, all in one!

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