28 things before my 28th birthday

  1. I’m so blessed to be in a position in life where I can say no. To people, to experiences, to drama. That wasn’t always the case.
  2. I’ve lost a few friends in this transition to who I am today. Friends that I’ve grown up with, friends that have known me for years, friends who were wonderful for a long time. I think this is probably my only regret so far in life. I do miss those friends, but I also know that people grow apart and that’s not always a bad thing to accept.
  3. I just went through my dinner party guest list and I do believe that this will be my smallest birthday celebration guest list ever. I’m not sure if this makes me more grown up and sophisticated or more anti-social.
  4. This last year has had its challenges. But there’ve been no huge dramas and traumas. I’ve embraced that. I love the fact that I have peace and security in my life. And for that I have Jon to thank. He’s shown me that there’s no reason to make decisions without thinking them through. And I see now in hindsight that in not making rash decisions, I’ve avoided so much heart ache and misery.
  5. I’m thankful for my career. I am in an industry where creativity, personality and pushing the boundaries is encouraged. It’s like someone in the universe tailor-made this job for me. Thank you, Universe.
  6. I made new friends this year. In Joburg. My first friends outside of blogging or social media. This is a big thing for me, as these friends didn’t have the luxury of reading about me before we met, I got to know them the good old fashioned way.
  7. This year I’ve learnt that letting people do their own thing is better than emotionally blackmailing them to do what you want. People who are meant to be in your life, will be.
  8. As I approach my 28th year, I’ve reaffirmed that banana milkshake is still the best flavor and that going out for dinner when you just don’t feel like cooking is a wonderful thing to do.
  9.  I’ve learnt to drink lots of water and it’s made such a difference in my life.  My lips are no longer chapped, I’ve got much more energy and I feel a lot healthier.
  10. One thing I used to worry about was my past.  This year I’ve found that embracing who I am and where I come from has shaped where I’m going.  It was a nice lesson to learn.
  11. There’s no such thing as having too many pairs of shoes
  12. Relationships shouldn’t always be comfortable, and they’re not always comforting either.  With hard work, dedication and effort, love can be so worth it all.
  13. I’m very lucky in love and I’ve found a good man.  Sometimes it takes going through all the frogs to appreciate the princes when they come along.
  14. I appreciate the little things in life now.  For instance, I have a Disney hairbrush with Cinderella on it.  I’ve never been happier brushing my hair.  Who says I have to grow up in every aspect of my life.
  15. Hanging out on the couch watching series on a Sunday afternoon has to be one of my favourite things to do after a long and busy week.  It’s also a great way to mentally prepare for the next week and an awesome way to wind down after busy weekends.
  16. I have rituals in my life now.  Sundays = nail painting days.  Every night at 9pm = swallow my pill with a glass of water.  They’ve helped organise my life and makes me feel secure, these rituals.
  17. I don’t always need to be the centre of attention any more.  I’m no longer as comfortable in crowds as I used to be. But put a mic’ in my hand and I’m happy to talk the hind leg off a donkey, if I know what I’m talking about.
  18. I’m selective about who I spend my private time with.  I’ve learnt to be selfish in that way.  I’ve developed an allergy to feeling awkward and uncomfortable, who I surround myself with helps to alleviate that.
  19. Forget about cheap toilet paper.  Saving the extra R7 is not worth it.  Anything less than two-ply should be a human rights violation 😛
  20. Tell the people you love that you love them.
  21. Be happy for those who get things you want.  Being jealous is a waste of time.  When the time is right, the universe provides what you need.
  22. Sleep naked, go braless and kick off your shoes whenever you can.  It’s awesome.
  23. Keep your phone on silent as much as possible.
  24. When you’re on holiday, be on holiday.  Any emergencies will find you, it’s not necessary to go looking for them.
  25. Invest emotionally.  With everything you do.  If it’s not worth investing, it’s not worth doing.
  26. Prepare.  Prepare as much as possible for as many things as possible.  Life doesn’t always go to plan, and that’s okay, but when it does, you’ll be so happy you prepared.
  27. Say yes as much as possible, but say no when you need to.  It won’t make you a bad person.
  28. Appreciate those who take the time to make you feel special.  Reciprocate right back.  Relationships and memories are the only things you will take out of this life.


  1. Jessica says:

    Big life changes coming soon…..this just made me take a deep breath and realise it’s all going to be ok. Love, love, love your posts!

  2. Cath says:

    Plagiarist. I KID!!! 😛

    Love you. Hugely.

    Also, same life. Hayzooz:

    “I’ve lost a few friends in this transition to who I am today. Friends that I’ve grown up with, friends that have known me for years, friends who were wonderful for a long time”.

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