20q on Mondays

I once had a brilliant brainwave and started Monday 20Q with my choice of people in online media interviews.  This took place on a Monday for a few weeks running.

I have bunched them all together here for your reading convenience.  You’re welcome:

  • Jeremy Nell, Editorial Cartoonist for the Times, Trash Media blogger & general all round whackhead from Cape Town with an offside and dry sense of humour.  Monday, 21st Jan 08
  • Living Bridget, a fellow female blogger from Jozi who happens to have disappeared into the big blue yonder known as real life.  Tuesday, 22nd Jan 08
  • Tertia Albertyn, an infertile mother who inspired me to start my blog & confront my inner demons.  Monday, 29th Jan 08
  • Nic Haralambous, 20 something greek adonis media guru working for the Mail & Guardian.  04th Feb, 08
  • I interviewed myself, Tuesday 08th April, 08
  • The IT dude I work with was interviewed too, Thursday 26th June, 08

All future 20q entries have been placed on hold for a while until I solve the mystery of where all my time and energy goes to.


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