10 things I have to say right now.

  1. I feel crappy. I have had a headache for four days now. I wish it would slit its wrists and die.
  2. I am in shit at work. My boss doesn’t love me anymore.
  3. I can’t stop chain smoking. My lungs are coughing up my bodily fluid, I can feel it.
  4. I cleaned out my work cupboard today, guess what I found in there? plasters (band-aids), 3 x empty smoke box, 2 x snapped in half pencils, a denim jacket I had long forgotten about, a pair of snazzy white heels that have never been worn, make up, unused condom, in packet still (?!), three million paper clips, a funky bunch of multi-coloured sticker things, tippex, two coffee mugs, petty cash box I thought was stolen three months ago. Hurrah!
  5. My cell phone is dead. So is the other one. Yes, I have two phones. They are both dead. Guess where the charger is? …..at home, yes. Lovely, I know.
  6. My car is driving on love alone.
  7. I really want some coke. 🙁 but it makes me break out in the skin follicle department. Uncool.
  8. I hate Mondays. I am ever so depressed, yo.
  9. I think my birds have run out of food. Whats worse, I couldn’t be bothered to buy any right now as I am not sure if they have run out or not. What kind of pet mommy am I?
  10. Bring on Desperate Housewives tonight so I can watch it, love it, fall asleep and wake up to a new day!

Ps: What do you think of my new banner?

Pps: go look here, I caused a bit of a stink. Oops.