You’re a Mother When

  1. You’re a mother when you’re standing in the deli queue and realise you’re rocking your trolley back and forth like it’s the stroller.
  2. You’re a mother when you’re holding your 10kg son in your arm while he alternates screeching and cooing at 4am in the morning.
  3. You’re a mother when your son thinks it’s hysterical to bite onto your nose using his brand new (and only) eye tooth.
  4. You’re a mother when reacting dramatically to a smelly diaper gets your son to giggle, so you keep doing it because he keeps giggling, and you could hear that giggle forever – it’s the best medicine to any ailment.
  5. You’re a mother when both you and your husband are sick and all you want to do is climb under the covers with tissues, sleeping pills and silence – but your son wants to be held upside down and zoomed around the lounge, so that’s what you do.
  6. You’re a mother when your son refuses to wear a beanie during the forty-five second trip from the car into his creche, so you take off your jacket and make sure it’s wrapped around him to shield him from the 2degree Joburg winter morning.
  7. You’re a mother when you watch your son experimenting with different food types of all shapes and sizes. You’re a mother when he refuses tuna pasta one night, and loves it the next, but you’ll never know what he’s willing to swallow on any given day so you have at least two back-ups for every meal time. And then when he refuses all three options and decides the cat biscuits off the kitchen floor are his first choice, you shrug your shoulders and make yourself a cup of tea instead.
  8. You’re a mother when you have to wrestle your almost one-year-old to cut his grotesquely long toenails, because the last four times you tried to wrestle him to do just this one thing, you gave up over and over again due to the physical impossibility, no matter how many years of practicing yoga, of pinning the child down long enough to wield nail scissors anywhere where they won’t potentially stab out someone’s eye.
  9. You’re a mother when you feel a twang of jealousy and disappointment as your son chooses to go to Daddy before you over and over again, until that *one* time he chooses you and it makes all the other times inconsequential.
  10. You’re a mother when watching your little boy grow before your very eyes makes you immensely sad because it happens so fast, and excited because if it’s this incredible now, imagine what it’ll be like when he can actually form sentences instead of drooling over your car keys or sticking an ear bud up his nose.

Dad and baby best friends forever Teething baby Like mom like son baby duck face baby mess 12977226_10154024096895406_8612609840455101121_o

Aiden turns one year in less than two weeks. How did it go so quickly? Will next year be as exciting as this one has been? He is so treasured and loved, I just can’t imagine loving him any more than I do right now, this is the best stage – he’s standing and jumping, and pointing at things, and saying words like ‘dere’ (there), ‘ta’ (give it to me, please – I like to think he has manners in his head, even if he can’t vocalise them just yet), ‘mama’ (though he has no idea that I’m the mama), ‘dadda’ (he very definitely knows who his dadda is. He says the damn word day in and day out as he crawls around the house looking for his dad).

Aiden will be having three parties this year. One in Durban with my family, one in Joburg with our friend-family and Jon’s momma, and one at school with his buddies. Because one party is just not good enough for my boy – he deserves ALL the parties. Even if it means that he is totally oblivious about it, Jon and I get to celebrate surviving our first year as parents.



  1. Gina says:

    Delicious child!

    I think the first time I REALLY knew I was a mother with Aaron was when I caught his vomit in my hands. And he just turned around and carried on playing. Yup. That was the day.

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