Your ex gf’s friend who stalks you

I only have a short post today, as I have not much to say.

Dudes, never ever let your girlfriend take pictures of you if you are planning an upcoming break up in the not so distant future:

  1. Your ex will upload them onto facebook, and her clever friend* will download the pictures and do some photoshopping.
  2. Anoos Puke has now got evil red eyes, devil horns a-top his head and is floating amoungst groups such as ‘Syphilis are Us’, ‘Stay away from this man, he gave me STDs’ etc etc.
  3. The thing about having your photo floating around the cyber world, is that in real life people will recognise you, especially in a club, say, around 3 am when your ex’s clever friend is highly intoxicated on a Friday night (or Saturday Morning, whichever way you happen to look at it) and will bust your balls as you try to pick her (or anyone else) up on the dancefloor.
  4. Poor dude, had no idea what hit him.

*Must have thought I was a raging hetrophobic lesbian. Who looked hot, mind you.

Ps: Danielson, I apologise for not including you in my secret spy names of last week. You may call yourself CuzzieAquaPoo if you like? Just kidding. How about:


Yeah, you like that, I know you do.