You, so great.

You, so small, so great

You, so loud, so internal

You, so loved, so judged

You, so brave, so needing to be saved

You, so soft, so hard

You, so open, so closed

You, so stubborn, so easy

You, so witty, so pretty

You, so scared, so alone

You, so cherished, so discarded

You, so loyal, so fearce

You, so lovely, so loved by me

I hate that this was your moment, and it was taken away.

I hate that after all these years, he still acts this way.

I hate that since you’ve grown so much, its become an opportunity for others to slam you.

I hate that you don’t get the support you deserve.

Of all these things I hate, just know.  Just know that I love you.

Just know that from this distance, I’m there.  There with you.  There for you. Screaming my heart out, waving my pom-pom’s being your head cheerleader.

Because, my friend, we’re the one true non-blood family members we have, not so?

Well done, you.  I’m so proud.  Even if they’re too blind to be.