you know its going to be a bad day when:

  1. You wake up an hour later than you should
  2. You step into dog pee
  3. You forget to rinse the conditioner out your hair
  4. Your leg is leaking because your razor blade is bot built for speed shaving
  5. Your brand new tire is flat
  6. The dogs wont behave and try to follow you out the gate
  7. The boss is in a mood
  8. Your assistant is being an asshole again
  9. Mugg n Bean takes forty five fucking minutes to deliver your coffee
  10. You forget to feed your stomache and are now destined to be hungry all day
  11. There are flying ants everywhere. I hate flying ants.
  12. The electricity keeps cutting out at work so you have to save every two minutes

Hold thumbs it gets better everybody…