WTF have I been up to?

This blog post is brought to you live from the Republic of Cape Town, a gorgeous country that I am slowly but surely becoming addicted to.  It’s strange, although I’ve considered living here before, I’ve never really been so drawn to one place in my life.  You Capetonians are right, the mowwwwntin certainly has something. It’s like an omnipresent Cape Flats tic dealer, wearing lipstick – there, noticeable, commanding attention.

It also makes me stupid.  Goose and I have been doing a bit of unplanned touring of Cape Town (read: we get lost.  A lot.) and I seem to have developed an uncontrollable habit lately: the minute I’m a car passenger, I become a full retard.  Last night on the way home, twenty five minutes into our latest unplanned tour, I couldn’t stop myself reading out the names of road signs, s l o w l y, with a voice of bewildered amazement that Cape Town dares to have road names that aren’t in a native African language, except for the few of them that managed to remain in that out-dated language known as Afrikaans:

  1. Darling Road = d a r l i n g! Daaaar-ling! Da-rling? Darl-ing!
  2. Flower Street = FLOUR! F L O U R! Fl-our. F-lour? Flo-ur!
  3. Buitenkant = B u i t e n k a n t.   BUITEN- KANT? HAHAHHAA KANT! Kant, kant, kant! (At this point, Goose looks at me like I’ve just stripped off all my clothes and wrapped my body in loo-paper).

I did my speech at WTF Media Conference yesterday.  The good news is I didn’t fall flat on my space, or trip over my own feet, or even forget my own name on stage.  Awesome!  The bad news is that there were a few technical glitches.
Like, all of the issues that hadn’t happened at the conference, happened to me on the stage.  All at once.

The mic stopped working mid sentence.   Then the slide clicker fucking broke.  Then the video played before I was ready for it to play.  And it had no sound for the first 20 seconds.

Fuck. It was horrible.

Also, I trended on Twitter as the first female speaker, who sounded like a sailor because of all the f-bombs.  Unbelievable, really.  Me? Swear a lot?  Amazing.

Sigh.  But at least the audience laughed a lot, I wiggled my bum on stage, they loved Eggward from Pick n Pay, had loads of people afterwards asking me for my Aqua business card and have already received emails and tweets asking for info and insights.  So it probably wasn’t as horrible as I thought…

Went for the most amazing brekkie yesterday at The Atlantic restaurant inside the Table Bay Hotel.  Oh my goodness.  When presenting me with so much choice only makes me confused, insecure and overly-excited.  I decided to settle for the following and piled it onto one plate:

  • Sushi
  • Chocolate croissants
  • Strawberries, melted chocolate, cream
  • Pineapple ontop of french toast
  • Scrambled eggs with creme freche’ and salmon
  • Mince ball (or at least I think that’s what it was) on top of steamed tomato
  • Crispy bacon
  • Fatty bacon

Yep.  All of those things.  I ate it.  Well, I at least tasted some of everything, if not consumed it entirely.  I rolled out of there, it was ridiculous.

Then last night we were invited to the most awesome little Mexican place in Obs (which incidentally I thought was the name of the venue) called Punchos.  Strawberry & Lemon Margerita’s are evil.  I am half dead this morning.  My headache is killing me and all the sound in my ears seems personified.  It didn’t help that I met up with one of my long time favourite bloggers Shaun Oakes and he forced tequila down my throat.


PS: I’m missing my Jew.  And Goose says I keep cuddling her.  But it’s her fault cos she steals the pillow I put in the middle to separate us.  Cape Town is cool, but it doesn’t have my boyfriend, and that minus a million points.


  1. cath Jenkin says:

    Cape Town has the same effect on me that it does you. Weird part was when I was staring up at the Mowwwntain in January and couldn’t wait to go home and squeeze darling P’s hand.

    It was then that I knew. It’s Cape Town that you and I go to, to be sure of something. It’s where we start to KNOW.


  2. T says:

    That’s why you bring the jew here and you all be a merry little jew family down here cos this is jew family mmkay? 😀

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