Wow, so 12 months on…

Um. Can I show you something?


Well, well, well. Look at that. One year later and my jew joke telling, blanket stealing, his hair brush using, personal goodies everywhere leaving, his house redecorating self still has a boyfriend. Who woulda thunk it? Not me, that’s for damn sure.

I really suspected he’d get over having the naughty, loud girl as his woman but apparently I’m wrong. How lucky for him!

[And I suppose, me].

Seriously though, it’s been a year. I hinted about the relationshit first in this blog post.  The relationshit became official with this blog post.  And now, a year on I still feel excited knowing I’ll see him later tonight. I look forward to laughing with him for a while still. He gets me more than any other person, I love that I don’t have to tell him when something’s wrong, he knows by looking at me for a second.  He’s kind of awesome, guys.

I think he can stay. I like him, kinda.

Happy anniversary and Elephant Shoes, My Jew. You rock my world.

I wonder what he’s doing to surprise me for our first anniversary…

That is how it works, right? The girl, in no uncertain terms, informs gently probes the idea that he should organise the first anniversary celebration? Yes? No? Discuss.


  1. Tara says:

    Wheeeeeee you crazy kids 😉 Happy happy to both of you. You’re both incredibly lucky to have the other because well Sheena is awesome and I’m assuming Jon is too by association.

    On that note, we both completely forgot about our first anniversary and I have never let A live it down. Because of course it was his fault. ;P

  2. acidicice says:

    Happy Annimisery! You guys are so cute together…even surrounded by fast friends at #AnGlugWedding you both only had eyes for each other.

    Very sweet


  3. Shebee says:

    Jess, no man, of course I knew before that (Google Calendar reminded me last week)!

    But none of you answered the question in the last paragraph. You all fail.

  4. Po says:

    Wow Sheena congrats! I am too far gone to remember the first anniversary, so maybe you should make that your challenge, have a first anniversary that you will remember ten years down the line?

  5. CC says:

    Cooool 🙂 time flies hey.

    Nah its not up to the guy to organise, I think you can both discuss what you’d like to do, which restaurant to go to etc. My ex and I always made a big deal out of it, it was great and the best presents too 🙂

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