Work Issues

Right. Erm. *Head is swimming in a cloud of smoke and haze*

Okay, breath caught, lets get on with it:

I have just been given three months notice. It is fair, my boss is lovely, and I was sort of expecting it. Things haven’t been unpleasant, but they certainly haven’t been wonderful in the way of my production will power, business opportunities, or even suitablility to this line of industry.

So, basically, I have until end of February to find myself a way out of a very dark and looming hole.

What I want out of this situation:

  1. the ability to keep my car
  2. the stress of keeping my house, animals and furniture would be a lovely thing if I knew it was possible to forget about
  3. working from home would suit me ideally
  4. Something with internet and writing criteria would rock my world

What I need out of this situation:

  1. A bloody money paying job. Dishwashing will do. Or whoring. Anybody out there need a live in wife? I believe I have talents.
  2. My animals. I really don’t want to lose my home for them guys. This is what is stressing me out big time!
  3. A sugar daddy with lots of money and a big penoos would suit me right down to the ground actually, now that I think about it.

To Do List:

  • Start backing up all my personal stuff on my laptop. (SOB! I’m going to lose my fancy laptop! This isn’t happening!)
  • Transfer any relevant information to relevant clients
  • Delete all incriminating evidence off company cell phone, such as porno vids, naked pictures of my booblets, sexy messages from Andrew, mxit and games that keep me far too busy when I should have been working
  • Clear laptop from any confidential documentation which could hurt the company if fallen into the wrong hands
  • Decide whether or not to cancel ADSL at home… I might need it, but I might not be able to afford it. Fuck – I might not even have a house to house the fucking ADSL!
  • Visit Mother Dearest and break the news that her darling daughter might be unemployed soonish. Possibility of moving home imminent.
  • Illicit money out of savings to prepare passport, visa & plane tickets in case of necessary immediate evacuation out of country due to pimps, drug lords and debt collector house calls
  • Stop breathing into brown paper bag shortly as it is borderline broken already from all the air rushing in and out.

Jesus. I wish Andrew was here so he could laugh about this with me and tell me things would be fine. I wish I was more sad about losing my job, and not just how much stress this is causing me and my financials.