Win free stuff for le bedroom/bathroom/office – whichever you prefer, really.

Dear young (whisper: and sexy) Chris from iMod has been receiving a bit of flack on muti for his blog recently. Something about it not being geeky enough to earn Tech Blog 2008 award.  I say pooh to that! I am a lurker usually, I enjoy his writing and he’s informative and random, my two favourite things in a blogger. 


Whilst stalking reading Chris yesterday, I then noticed that he’s opened up a compo to bloggers of a rather, personal nature and I thought “well, why the hell not – let me be the first chickie brave enough to enter”. Because hey, if I was a guy I would totally be okay with everyone knowing I was sometimes a wanker, so why be coy just for the reason of being female? 


And so, here I am, telling you fabulous readers, to follow suit and enter yourselves, if not for the desperate need to have some quality time with your privates in self loving, then to support the worthy cause of mutual happiness by the bodies at  Come now, I know you want to. 


I know that technically I am supposed to only list one of their products, but a service caught my beady little eye and I feel that since I am the last South African twenty something female not about to run off and get married and also the fact that I make one hell of a good bridesmaid, knowing about what they can offer is a brilliant feat of success on my part since I oft end up throwing the bachelorette parties for all my ball and chain buddies. 


Also, lets face it, my vibrator broke months ago, I’m kinda in need – you know what I’m saying?


Go me!


  1. Chris M says:

    Good on you for having the courage to blog about this! Let’s put that aside for a moment – you know how these toys can spice up a relationship, it’s unbelievable, I’m not shy to admit that my girlfriend and I have added toys into the mix occasionally and it certainly pumps up the mood. So whether you’re a single gal, single guy or a couple, this is something worth winning.

    Then again, it’s a fantastic prize to win and turn into a gift for a friend!

  2. cathjenkin says:


    “and I feel that since I am the last South African twenty something female not about to run off and get married”

    no, no, you’re one of two!!!


  3. shebee says:

    JBC – come now, you couldn’t have fit anything more into that box than you already did 🙂 As I type this I am clenching according to yoga book provided by you! Who needs a vibrator when I have a GHD for my hair?!

    Angel – Babe, you know, like Chris said, its more fun with two 😛 Add to your ever growing collection, who knows, there might even be a glass one there somewhere! Mwahaha.

    Chris – Thank you! Thats exactly what I’m talking about! If my ex and I didn’t end our relationship due to long distance, we would totally still be into it.

    Cath – wah! If you enter and win this, who knows – it might even come in the shape of a credit card and have the ability to kill spiders, thus eliminating the need for any man!

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