Willy & KittyKate are hitched!

I am such a closet morantic, guys!  I spent the entire day watching Sky News from the chill room at aqua.  At first I was alone but with all my tweeting and mailing the girls at work soon joined me.  By 11 o’clock we’d cracked open the champagne and had a chorus of us slouching in front of the big screen.  I also had a tiara on the entire day, which I plan on wearing right until midnight tonight, whence I will turn into a Royal Pumpkin.

Tiara. Mandatory for the RoyalTwit.

I tweeted the whole thing and stole a few pics off News24 to give you the experience as narrated by me, in case you were under a rock and didn’t watch for yourself.

Oh hello little minions! I'm just pottering over to the aisle to catch a prince...


Some of my tweets earlier:

  • Have my tiara on. Also considering moving my desk into the chillroom to watch Willy & Kate’s dingdong on the telly wif a cuppa.
  • Scones wiff mulberry jam, innit? Haff decoided I’m a chaf for the rest o’ the day, yeah.
  • I love how all the laydeez are competing for the ugliest hats one after another. I just saw a lobster one! Stuck on the side of her ear!
  • Does anyone else see how Becks put more effort into his hair than Skeletor? With that stupid hat on her forehead. Mxm. It’s fallen forward!


Willy, you know that "for richer or poorer" part? I was only kidding about the latter.


  • Clearly using prestik to stick these “hats” onto the cheek or forehead is even better fashion!
  • RT @JeremyTNell: Still trying to figure out why Victoria Beckham is wearing a pudding on her head.
  • Who draped a curtain tie back over Harry? #royalwedding
  • William tottering off with Harry to have a strategic vom. #chunderEVERYwhere
  • Awww look how happy Queen Mum is 🙂 So sweet. One is fond of yellow, bitches.


See Camilla? That's why you can never be queen, you're fugly, dear.


  • Our executive creative director has just broken out the bubbly!
  • Wow, and all the girls just let out a collective sigh as Willy whispers “You look jolly beautiful” as Kate arrives down the aisle. Sighhhh.


Look at all of these people who love me, Willy. They LOVE ME! Duh.



  • Middleton family were first in line for good looks and good tan.
  • Hey, @jkretzmer if you and I get married, we can have a wedding similiar to this one, ok? Maybe 5 or so guests less…
  • Queen_UK “You’d have thought someone might have put a softer cushion on one’s chair.”


Sighhhh.  I loved this, right along with a third of the rest of the world’s population.  I hope they are very happily married and that her fate ends up much happier than that of her late mother in law.  Sincerely.

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  1. Angel says:

    I watched it too, and I remember watching Willy’s mum and dad get married way back when!
    Yes. I’m old.
    I wasn’t wearing my tiara though…
    And my knucklehead said he sees no difference between the Royal wedding and my wedding, my wedding was also watched all over the world! Bless… sigh…

  2. Jeanette Verster says:

    LOVE the tiara idea!! I watched it in a bride’s room while waiting for her to arrive… she was 2 hours late!! LOL! Would much rather have been home watching it with my mom

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