Wii Fit can kiss my (ob*se) white ass!

Oribi Gorge. Peaceful.

Oribi Gorge. Peaceful.

My holiday was phenomenal.  It is only now that I’m back in Joburg and temporarily back in an office* that I can reflect on how much I actually needed it.  Jon did too.  Together, I think we’re both better for it.  For each other and for ourselves.  It was manic and loud and intense, but at the same time I managed to read two books and play a whole crap load of Guitar Hero and Wii Sport with my boys.  I’ve uploaded pictures to facebook if you want to see them, click this public link.

On the topic of Wii, my good God! Do not, ever, I repeat: DO NOT think you can get away with playing Wii Fit without having your ego sucked out through your left ear, cotched on by a drunk hobo with HIV and stood on by his rabic dog and then crapped on by its faeces’ flies.  Jeepers fucking creepers, man!  The board I had to stand on all but jumped up to empty my mothers fridge of any food containing fat and calories, judging by the reaction of its built in scale and BMI Index.  I promptly jumped off, shouted a few profanities and sucked on a lettuce leaf.  How depressing!  Needless to say, I have been on diet.  Not a freak health one, just a gentle change of what I eat, with the portions halved and serious contemplation of what it would be like to be a starving Somalian, so that I can appreciate the food on my plate and not snarl at it while turning my nose up.

Speaking of skinnier people, more than ever I realize what good friends I’ve made over the last few years.  Cath, Tam & Heidi – you girls are my sanity.  Thank you for just getting me.  And although we sometimes go for months without actually seeing each other, I’m so grateful you exist.  I met all three of you through this little box called a computer, and even if the cheerleaders from school frown upon it, my friendshit with you guys is so worth it.  Besides, Screw the cheerleader – we have the world!**

Job hunting is going well.  I’ve been lucky enough to have been invited to a few interviews with really great companies, all of which I would be lucky to work for.  Unfortunately it seems to be a trend in Hoburg to beat around the bush and keep the interviewee waiting.  It’s so annoying!  But then again, we all know my lack of patience levels with regards to, oh, anything really…

So there you have it.  All is (relatively) well in my world.  I haven’t even started putting my body shots on Gumtree yet, so things can’t be that bad!

* Submarine has asked me to come back and help out for a week or so.  My bank account is very glad to do so, and my boredom levels couldn’t argue.  It’s good to be back with the crazy african girls and my nutty UKanian boss, I missed them.

** A terribly terrible play on that “Save the Cheerleader, Save the world!” slogan from Heroes.  I agolopize.


  1. cath says:

    Love you, fuckbitch.

    That is all.

    And they say only evil things can come from the interwebs?

    Heh. clearly “they” havent MET US?

    Love you. So much. See email

    thank you for bringing my madness to light X

  2. Twistygirl says:

    I absolutely suck at guitar hero, but still love playing it.
    I also love my wii even though it isn’t too kind when it comes to my BMI or my wii age!

  3. Shebee says:

    Twisty, my wii age was 75! I nearly DIED! Next time I did it though, I stopped stuffing around and took it seriously, with a much better result. It then deemed me to be 27 years. Only two off, so I felt much better.

  4. CC says:

    wow your mom’s eyes in that one pic are freaky! but i’m sure it was worth it to have permanently defined eyes, makes things so much quicker. she really looks like your older sister hey, i hope you tell her everytime someone says that 🙂

  5. mom says:

    cc – she absolutely freaks if someone says I look like her sister. “Mom tell your old farts I am your daughter and they need glasses'” I love been called her sister. She also seems to think I take after her so much …. like hello who is the incubator and who is the hatchling …. very confusing in Sheen’s world. Cath I thank the good Lord above she met you and who says relationships dont work through meeting on the internet!!! You and little missy have enriched her life so much, Love your other mama

  6. Amy says:

    Seems like your first reaction to the Wii Fit is the same way my mum felt towards her new Nintendo DSI brain training game.

    It gave her brain age as 76….. my mum is 47. Ha!

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