What’s going on with me

…as requested by Exmi – originally instigated by Briget.

Home Life:

Living with a couple could have really been dodge.  Either they could have turned out to be swingers (like my mother was convinced they were) or they could have been huge night jollers (like Kimbo expected) or they could have been Christian like and possibly convert to Satanism after getting to know the dodginess that is me (as discussed with Cath) or they could have run the house like Dames Huis (enough said.  Only Cath and Suetjie will get this).  I am happy to report they are none of the above.  Home life is calm, relaxed and easy.  Ginger mothers me in a no bullshit kind of way and Piano teases everyone around him.  They’re pretty fucking awesome. I realize that I can be kind of closed off at times, but they have made me so comfortable here, it really does feel like home.

Work Life:

It’s fucking insane.  I’m working through the holiday season, but I’m really looking forward to the public holidays that almost give me a week off.  I love my job.  I’m challenged daily with new people, foreign and local.  I have eye candy and good conversation and I’m really lucky to have a team behind me that is pleasant, entertaining and totally whacked in the head.

Family Life:

I can’t believe time has flown by so quickly but its been months since I last saw my siblings for a decent catch up session.  I spent an hour and a half on the phone with Dazz and Wokkie tonight, and for the first time ever they both actually had things to say – without me having to prompt them with nosy questions and bribery.

Health Life:

I haven’t blogged about it yet, but for a few weeks now I’ve known that I have a battle on my hands.  I’ve been told I have cervical issues dudes.  Before you panic though, its under control already and the quack has already decided we won’t need surgery as initially suspected.  This means a healthy lifestyle has commenced and medication that makes me sick and nauseas but its worth it because, well, I’m worth it!

Sex Life:

*censored censored censored*

Love Life:

Yeah, its in existence.  And I’m enjoying being hit on rather constantly by the same person.  He’s kinda awesome too, which is always nice.  But you guys already guessed that, I’m sure.  I only hang with awesome people.


  • At first I thought I was seeing things and that my eyes were funny, but my laptop has faded lines behind the screen – almost like a sailors navy stripes.  Oh please oh please, I’ll do anything – just don’t take my laptop away from me!
  • I still haven’t sorted out my car.  It’s dangerously close to a melt down if I don’t fix things soon.
  • I need to find time to have my hair done – I’m considering chopping it all off to above my shoulders, but I think I should wait til the end of summer, its so hot and humid here I’ll just look like a mushroom now, GHD or not.

So all in all, I’m totally keen for 2008 to end and tie itself in a knot whilst burning in a fire.  It’s been real but I’m over it now. I’m well, I’m happy and I’m getting myself sorted, in more ways than one.  Fake It November did me the world of good.


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