what to expect when you’re expecting heart ache?

My dearest friend had her heart broken recently.  The situation is pretty tricky as he is still on the scene and they see each other all the time due to having mutual friends.  This man used, abused and basically destroyed every hope that she might have had for any future normal relationships.

He plays with her mind and thinks its a game to reel her in and then toss her away willy nilly.  Personally I think he is an absolute asshole and complete fool for thinking he deserves her.  She can do so much better, and deserves someone who will spoil her and make her happy inside.  Someone who won’t throw her past up as a weapon, but will share in it with her and support her as she grows into herself.

Tonight, at my friends birthday party, this idiot in his drunken state, in between playing drinking games and shouting across the table to his boys, casually tossed it out there that he thinks they should give it another go.  Unfortunately for him, I was only one seat away and heard every syllable of his sorry arse apology and saw right through him.  My beautiful friend was taken hook line and sinker and with every buttered-up sentence he fed her, she swallowed.

Not half an hour later, while friend and I were discussing the recent developments, I stopped slaying the man verbally and led her to the window where she could see what I was seeing.  There dipshit was, stripping off his clothes and dancing in front of a young drunk female specimen and basically thrusting himself on her.

My words fell about me, and I just told her to stand and watch him.  After a few minutes, she quietly admitted that she’d seen enough.  I could tell she was broken.

I don’t know what you should do, T.  I won’t give you advice anymore than I have already.  You are a strong, gorgeous woman and you know what you are worth.  This man shouldn’t even measure up to you, but for some reason you think he does. 

Whatever decision you make, just know that I love you.  In my instruction manual to life that I so flippantly wrote you, I said something quite profound, unknowingly:  be true to yourself.  I think that is probably the only thing I can really say to you.