Weird things my boyfriend does.

You guys were cool enough to tell me the weird things your boydude does, so its only fair that I share too [unlucky Jon!]:

  1. When watching a movie together, he will insist that is isn’t falling asleep despite his eyes literally crossing over.  And when I don’t give up accusing him he frowns at me and then glares at the TV in a great attempt to frown his eyes awake again.  The poor, squint & stubborn bastard.
  2. Yesterday he skyped me all excited-like because he had a great idea: he was scanning all his invoices so he could save them to his Google Docs.  Who knows why a good old file folder isn’t good enough these days, he wants them with him.  Along with his Life To-Do List, so he “has access to them everywhere”, apparently.
  3. He eats Take Away’s with a knife & fork, on a plate.  The worst part?  He’s got me into the habit now too!  Gone are the days of a quick KFC burger on the run, out the box.  Oh no – we must wait until we get home, place them on crockery and eat with cutlery.  Have you ever?
  4. He brushes his teeth in the shower.  With warm water.  The first time I saw that I nearly plutzed.
  5. He insists on wearing a belt with his board shorts.  Now, I dunno about you bru, but I’m from Durban – that shit is not kosher.
  6. He will not believe me when I tell him that God can’t see through his roof on cloudy days when I make bacon.  He’ll stare lovingly at my bacon bits and nibble distractedly on his chicken rations but won’t even take a nibble of my bacon, even though I know he wants to with every pump of his bleeding Jewish heart.
  7. Our pillow talk last weekend was on the iPad.  Post-coital iPad talk, I swear to God.  The weirdest thing?  When we realized half way through the conversation, we canned ourselves and carried on discussing the very important topic.
  8. His life mission at the moment is to kill every last ant that followed us back in the car from our camping trip a few weekend’s back.  He then shows me the dead ant proudly, much like my cat does when she displays her dead rodent presents on my pillow at night.
  9. Every time I’m reading something, be it on Twitter or a book, if I giggle at all I have to stop what I’m doing and explain to him what is so funny.  Same goes if I express exclamation at the plot on TV, I have to explain the entire story line up until that moment and then answer any follow up questions until he understands.  Most of the time I’ll get a glazed look from him, but he’s not satisfied until he knows what I found giggle worthy and he’s rubbed my cheek and shaken his head at me.
  10. He likes to listen, not watch – just listen, to me playing Lara Croft.  Apparently it’s “fun” hearing me encourage her up a wall verbally and I’m entertaining when I apologize to Lara for killing her.

He’s a funny old chap, my boydude.  But I kinda like him this way.

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  1. Tara says:

    Ah but when your cat does it, she thinks you’re a moron who can’t feed yourself. True story.

    Eating a burger with a knife and fork…fine, I can deal with this, but if you two are eating pizza with knives and forks, that is the blackest blasphemy and may the fast food gods have mercy on your souls.

    Weirdos 😉

  2. Jon says:

    Guilty as charged, on all accounts (and I’m sure you missed many many other weird things I do.. I’m a freak).

    I’m not correcting you, rather elaborating, about the shorts. My favourite ones are just a little too loose on me, and while the showing of underwear is considered by some as fashionable, I can’t stand it (if you’re of the aforementioned demographic, I hope the fashion police lock you up and never let you out in public ever again). So, the lesser of two evils on that one. But yes, I wear a belt with some of my shorts. :\

  3. flarkus says:

    Agge no man. A skelm Rounder on the way home is like giving yourself a mini-lottery. Why dirty the dishes and waste energy and water having to clean up? That’s like one of the reasons for buying fast food!

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