weekend round up and some rambling.

On Friday night I was so amped to be going to Sandi & her man’s birthday shingig at their house, where there would be fire dancing, chilling out in the garden & a few friends to wax lyrical with.  But then Jon said he wasn’t feeling so hot and I decided to stop ignoring my horrible headache and we canceled.  I think I was out like a light the minute I put my head on Jon’s lap, on the couch, by 9pm and woke up to Jon snoring above me.  Yay us – not yet thirty but in bed before 10pm on a Friday?  Lahoozahers.

On Saturday morning, feeling much better, Jon yelled to me from the bedroom to hurry the f*ck up as my shower was making us late (well, he was a hell of a lot more polite than that, but that’s what he meant, girls just know these things).  Eventually, half an hour late, we arrived at Cubana to meet my long lost Durbanite boy bff, Justin McCall for breakfast.  It was stunning seeing him again – it’s been almost a year!  After talking shop, teasing each other and wolfing down the horriblest bacon, banana, honey & french toast breakfast we bid our farewells and Jon hurried me off to do some shopping for our camping trip.

yes dudes, I went camping this weekend.  In real live tents and ev’thing!  [my shift key has decided to stop working, forgive the lack of capitals from here on in, please] we arrived to a perfect Saturday afternoon next to a mini dam, with bambi buck’s all over the place, spent five million hours struggling to get up the worlds most complicated fokking tent, sat down in the bush on blankets and proceeded to get very pickled with all of jon’s work mates.  well, to clarify, *i* was stone cold sober, the rest? not so much.  it’s always hilarious to watch everyone around you getting smashed – provides for so much entertainment.

anyway,  got back home last night to anglug’s little white baby kitten just chilling outside his box, shuffling his way round my enormous bedroom.  when he saw me he started neowling like a banshee, bitching that his mom wasn’t feeding him so i picked him up and the little shit hissed at me! these kittens are getting so big, i can’t believe how fast they grow.  they’ve literally tripled in size in two weeks.  and now that their eyes are open and they are kinda responding to my voice i am starting to really enjoy them.  the little characters forming are just too cute.  the beige one looks like yoda, and seems to be quite content with just drinking milk and chilling on his back.  the little girl, the one that looks just like seasea cat has got the sharpest eyes.  whenever she hears my voice she lifts up her head and starts looking for me.  i swear she’s learnt how to smile too.  the white one is the biggest, loudest & definitely the strongest.  lord muck deems himself fit to always sleep on TOP of his two siblings and with them being smaller, neither of them bitch about it.

anyway, despite being man-down on friday night, i had a really cool weekend.  and i finally got to go camping – i’ve been whining about missing the bush for months.  next trip is in mpumalanga with jon for a romantic [puke] weekend away for two in march.  i can’t wait 🙂


  1. Shebee says:

    sass, i know i feel so bad! i promise we’ll make it up to you. in a way i’m glad we didn’t go though, we would’ve both been miz!

  2. Jon says:

    She put up with pickled work colleagues, and overly pickled boyfriend. Sheena is an awesome girlfriend… that is all. And I’m never drinking again…

  3. Angel says:

    OMG I can’t WAIT to bring our little precious home!
    By the sounds of it he’s going to fit right in with his 3 big (and I mean huge) brothers!!
    I’m so glad you had a lekker weekend. Missed you on Friday, we had an awesome time!

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