Wanna know whats in my handbag?

As promised to my annoying friend whom I love dearly, have a look at what I keep in my bag on a day to day basis. The only thing that is missing is my yellow toothbrush, which I realised, only after the photos were taken,was left in the back zip:


The top of my leather bag. I’m not a handbag person, actually – so I have one large, leather one that goes with everything, and more importantly – holds everything.

My polka dotted make up bag, complete with lipstick, mascara (the one with the eyelash comb), eyeliner and lipgloss. I never wear base or foundation, so thats all I really need.

In order by number:

  1. White leather wallet, containing approx. 28c in it. I’m rich!
  2. Polka dotted make up bag
  3. Panado headache tablets (bottle of 54)
  4. Badboys2 DVD (wtf?)
  5. Visa Application papers (buckled and broken – woops)
  6. Fake tatoo (I have no idea, don’t ask)
  7. Erm. Tampax case.
  8. Passport in envelope (realised I hadn’t checked my name was accidentally changed to Sheena Mzimayo since our home affairs department is just so adept)
  9. Two cellphones, one broken, one working
  10. Cat-inc business card (from my lovely blogging auntie, Candy)
  11. Make up mirror
  12. Two lighters (one kept hidden out of sight as spare, just in case)
  13. You can’t see it clearly, but its a Speedy Gonzalez mimick, from my brother to remind me to slow my driving the hell down
  14. Woolies hand cream (lemongrass and wheat flavour)
  15. Tweezers, for emergency hair pluckage, ya understand.

The above all laid out on my chinese duvet, in my room, in Port Shepstone, in KZN, in South Africa, Africa, The World, The Universe, The Galaxy.

I tag:

  • Bridget – you know you aint getting away from this, I don’t care if you told me I wasn’t allowed to tag you since it was your idea
  • Sweets – because you ALWAYS bloody tag me, cow. Suffer!
  • Peas – because you could do with some aimless and no-point distraction
  • My real life buddy Tiff – since she’s the unoriginal Martha Stewart and should have the most useful content
  • C@th – I’m just plain curious
  • Candy – your business card is in this post, how could you get away scott free? And,
  • Nats – show us what you got all the way over in Buckingham Palace Town, baby!

Aaaaaand, I’m spent.

**Before you click away, scroll down to the previous post.  I shared a bit of my heart**