Wacky Wednesday


I can’t not post. I love cyber land! I love all of you funny people that read my ‘kak’ as LW so eloquently put it. I love the fact that I sometimes have an audience. I’m also wondering what Angel has done to her readers, there’s a commenting frenzy going on at the moment.

Shoes. Glorious shoes. Thats what I want to discuss today. The similarities of life, to shoes:

  1. Love at first sight, is when you see the perfect pair and know you must have them no matter the cost. Real people don’t even get that much desire, you know.
  2. Wearing your new shoes is like losing your virginity, it hurts like hell the first time, but soon enough you just slip it in and you’re a tight fit.
  3. Seeing other people wear the shoes you wanted makes you jealous beyond all reason and you have to physically fight off your will to grab them for yourself and leave the other person barefooted and in tears.
  4. Cheating on your shoes with other shoes as long as you only grade up and not down, you see, its an open relationship you have, as long as the shoes you wear are better than the last pair you were in.

I sent out a rude message this morning, but ended up sending it to the wrong person with the same name. It’s quite an embarrassing sms and can be completely mistrued to be a sex talk thing if you aren’t the person it was meant for. I think I’m still blushing.