Until Zombie Apocalypse Do Us Part…

The Walking Dead is a phenomenal series about zombies.  Jon and I are completely addicted.  After last night’s episode, I told Jon that if we ever married, I’d add the following vow into our nuptials:

“I solemnly swear to shoot you in the head if you were ever bitten by a zombie.  I also promise to never eat your leg meat if we were both zombies, but you were a zombie hanging from a tree”.

In saying the above romantic promise, I did go on to say that if I was turned into a zombie and Jon moved on to another human woman, I’d eat him.  Starting with his penis.

He added that if he were an astronaut who’d been on the moon for 3 years and landed back on earth to find out that he was the only human left, he’d never give up hope to find other humans.  He’d also be the creepy procreator that’d initiate the beginnings of the human race v2.0.  The amount of glee he said this with disturbed my fragile and innocent mind.

Such is the inner workings of our mind as a couple.  Our romance never bores me.

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  1. BiancaW says:

    You know what – at least you are AS freaky as each other. Its balanced! All is good in the JonSh house. 🙂

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