Twucking on twitter.

On twitter there’s this trend.  ‘People’ has become “tweeple”, ‘speak’ has become ‘tweak’.  Basically replacing every first letter with a “tw” for Twitter, obviously.  Anyway, due to lack of sleep (this is my excuse, shuttup) I received a funny, flirty Direct Message from someone and it immediately made me think, “I wonder if anyone has reached the lowest point of twitter addiction, that being Cyber Twex.

It could go something like this:

Hey, big boy, wanna twuck?

…I start by twubbing my hand along my silky smooth twigh.  Your twenis is quivering with antwisipation…

It’s twexual on a whooole other level, tweeps. Yes, I’m a basket case, I do realise.

Disclaimer: Hello mom. The devil made me do it.  Love you!


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