Two weeks in

I started back at work on the 2nd of November and I made it out alive, barely. It’s amazing how slowed down one’s brain can become after being inactive for so long. There have been actual moments of me staring blankly, mouth wide open, eyes a-glaze with the dumb. Thankfully I work with amazing people and everyone has been so welcoming and sweet and patient with me even when my default answer has been “I’m so sorry, I haven’t been here since Feb, give me a minute to think” and especially when my other response has been “I’m so sorry, I haven’t been here since Feb, give me a minute to JUMP OUT THE FRIGGEN WINDOW THERE’S SO MUCH TO DOOOOOO”.

On the emotional front, leaving Aiden at school was hard for the first four days. Just when I thought I’d stopped crying at night, my eyes would well up in the midst of me telling Jon how I was going to suck it up and be brave and stop my crying. Which would make his eyes soften and he’d come in for a hug, which would make me cry again. Vicious cycle, this love thing. Aiden, on the other hand, is thriving in school. He’s sleeping through the night because he is playing all through the day. He’s the littlest one at the school so the bigger babies adore him and his carers have just been so wonderful.

But. The germs. Oh my god, the germs. Coming from a home where every room has disinfectant hand spray and sterilised baby-everythings, school has been a whole new world of germs for my boy. I realised on the first day that I had a lesson to learn in letting go when Aiden’s bib was used to wipe the next kid’s snot nose, and then given back to Aiden when he decided to have a small cotch after his bottle.  Not three days in, he developed a snotty nose and diarrhea, which was so much fun.  Nothing quite like your kid being sick for the first time. I knew something was up just by a change in his cry.

It’s amazing at how perfect we were at parenting before we became actual parents. Jon and I had all these theories way back when. “We won’t waste money on medical bills for stupid snot noses” has become “Oh no, he pulled on his ear HE MUST HAVE MIDDLE EAR INFECTION PHONE THE PAED IMMEDIATELY”.  Our paed is on speed dial and Gmail keeps asking me if I want to CC the paed in on all my emails, that’s how often I’ve nagged her for advice.

Because we can also be so dumb sometimes. Four hundred and forty seven wet wipes into the tummy bug, which caused a massively raw bum rash, we realised that the alcohol was burning the rash, and that actually those sharp intakes of breath were not Aiden giggling, but reacting to his BUTT BEING ON SO MUCH FIRE. So we then switched to just holding him under the bath tab with cold water running between his butt cheeks, which then made him cry from being cold. One afternoon, after leaving off his nappy to let his bum air dry and heal, Aiden managed to pee into my belly button (I was shirtless at the time), puke on me and then once we got into the bath together, let rip with a massive poo inside the bath. On that day I like to say that I hit the P-Trifecta. Eventually Jon and I just looked at each other in panic and tried to calm the fuck down and stop taking the baby’s temperature every three minutes (me).  I think if ever we subscribed to a new age parenting method, it would be Helicopter Parenting.

In other news, I finally fulfilled a years-long dream and organised a photo shoot with famous photographer Jenty. How absolutely incredible are these shots of my boytjie? And how gorgeous is my handsome husband? Here are some of my favourite shots, but the rest are on Jeanette’s blog, so please give her a click.

Baby-Aiden-004 Baby-Aiden-0111 Baby-Aiden-0131 Baby-Aiden-0141 Baby-Aiden-0151 Baby-Aiden-0211 Baby-Aiden-0221 Baby-Aiden-0241 Baby-Aiden-0271 Baby-Aiden-0281




  1. jenty says:

    School germs are the worst! The paed told us to expect to see him every 2 weeks for the first 3 months… he was spot on with his prediction.
    Loving the sharing of the photos 🙂 wait til you see the rest

  2. Louisa says:

    He is such a cutie!
    Ps! What has worked miracles for bum rash in these parts is wet wipes soaked in rooibos tea. Someone at work told me about it when Nicola started teething…I thought it was a bizarre piece of advice but 26 poo nappies in a row later with flaming red bottom bits I thought I might as well try it. Miracle stuff, seriously.

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