Two thousand and mine? Fine!

It was with anticipation, hope & determination that I set goals for 2009 last year on December the 30th.  Here is the exact copy of my New Years resolution:

It’s the second last day of two thousand and eight.  Thank fucking god.  I don’t think I’ve ever made new years resolutions, ever.  So now I’m going to.  And you okes are going to help me stick to them okay?  Feel free to whip out pom-poms at any given time.  Especially when I need you to.  Here goes nothing:

  • I will obtain a drivers licence.  However, I do not promise this will be done by any legal* means. (Err.  No, this has not happened)
  • I will be driving my second car. (YAY – upgraded from my stolen blue VW to a silver Peugeot 206 GTI)
  • I will *not* allow any man to entertain any of my thoughts unless he has done the following: a) shown me his VALID book of identification; b) smelled my hair; c) met one of my real life friends and gotten approval. I will learn to love without having my heart fucking broken again.  If necessary I will do the breaking. (Look, I haven’t broken any hearts, but I have had mine kidnapped by the Jew boy formally known as Jon.  And he’s smelled my hair. Swoon!)
  • A savings account will be set up so that I may finally take an international holiday.  I’m thinking Perth, Venice or Greece. (as of yesterday, I have an account set up.  The card is beautiful! And I now own my very own larnie garage card.  Go me!)
  • Act more on impulse.  I overthink things too much and all the good things from 2008 all happened on impulse. (Actually, I changed my mind about this one.  Jon has taught me how to plan ahead and organize my time better, so far so good)
  • Not stay away from Doctors as much as I have been since Kiera died.  I can’t remain angry at the medical world. (Bleh.  I still hate going to doctors, but do when I have to.  This is an improvement)
  • I will find a happy song again.  I only keep the sad ones for myself for some reason, this much change. (I have SO many happy songs! Sun in my pocket… Shewolf… The ENTIRE New Moon album, Track 11 of Twilight… all of these make me happy)
  • My book will be published. Finally. (EPIC FAIL.  I haven’t written on my book for most of this year.  But I started again last week)
  • Fruit will continue to be a daily intake.  *puke!* (sis! What was I even thinking?! Fruit daily?  Not a fuck)
  • I’ll read more and go online less. (done! I have a nice balance going on, where I will only allow myself online time during the week and not after 6 unless there’s an emergency.  Also, acquiring a BlackBerry has helped with this – I no longer feel like I’m missing out on whats going on).
  • I think I’ll stick to ten for now.  New Years tomorrow.  I have so many offers and no real plans.  I’ll see where the wind blows me, I think.  Wherever you are make sure you’re happy, loved and are loving.  Most of all, be safe.  See you on the flip side of Two Thousand and Mine!

    So there you have it.  Not too bad for my first attempt at New Years Resolutions, I think.  This year has been crazy.  Crazy, busy, scary, wonderful, change.

    Just a small little list of what’s happened:

    1. In January, I finished up at my old company and enjoyed the last bit of Summer without a car as it was stolen two days before Christmas
    2. In February I flew to Joburg for a weekend, ended up staying a month.
    3. In March, my brother Baboo was shot and nearly killed.
    4. In April, I hung out at my moms house helping Baboo get back on his feet.
    5. In May, I flew back to Joburg for good.  Moved into a farm cottage out in the middle of nowhere and played with horses, geese, monkeys, dogs, cats & birds while attempting to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. I also met a strange Jew boy called Jon through my good friend Bergen, but dismissed as “too complicated”
    6. In June, I started making friends up here and attending 27 Dinners and tweet up’s.
    7. In July, every Friday was Richard and Sheena guitar hero night, sometimes with friends Nick & Vito.  Life was simple, yet boring.
    8. In August, I accompanied Jon down to Durban for a mini roadtrip.  Fell arse over kettle in crush with him.
    9. In September I announced that after years and years, I had a boyfriend.  I also celebrated what would have been Kiera’s 6th birthday. And I started working at Submarine Depth Research as a Content & Project Manager on a digital account.
    10. In October I spent 6 hours a day commuting to and from work.  I was also very deeply in love.
    11. In November I moved from the farm into the gigantic house on the hill with Vince & Talita.  My housemates who I hardly ever bloody see.
    12. In December, I sit at this MacBook and wonder how the hell I got so lucky.  Maybe it’s because I’ve put in the hours of bad already and now I can kick back for a while and be left alone to enjoy life.

    And enjoying life is exactly what I’m doing.  I should’ve moved here ages ago.  I’ve taken to Joburg life like a duck to water and I’m looking forward to what 2010 can bring for me and those that I love.

    2009 was a hectic year, but a necessary one.  I’ve changed I think.  And I must say, I bloody well like it!


    1. cath says:

      LOVE YOU.

      I didnt believe you when you said this year would be FOR US.

      But it has been.

      Thank you for believing when I could not.

      Thank you for standing by me when i did not want to stand.

      Thank you for another year of our unscissoring friendship.

      Thank you for swooning with me.

      Thank you for criticising me.

      Thank you for saying, yesterday, DONT PULL BACK BITCH.

      Thank you.


    2. cath says:

      Fuck yes. Thanks to the Shath. Drove past it yesterday.

      Do you believe me now when I said, this place will be the beginning of all the good things?


      Love you big time


      p.p.s. RELATIONSHITS. Facebook says so. And its not just us married to each other LOL

    3. CC says:

      Sounds like it was a good year(apart from your brother being shot), 6 hours a day commuting??? lol that is crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Can’t believe you’re driving without a license, not good! Hope you get it in 2010 🙂 and that 2010 is an all round great year.

    4. CC says:

      P.S I love fruit and eat it almost everyday, you’re weird 😛 maybe you just need to find the right fruit….

    5. sass says:

      i’m in a foul mood, but this post just made me smile on the inside. i’m so happy for you sheena!!!
      and yeah, you just have to find the right fruit – and the right person to bribe to get your licence! 😉 xxx

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