Two lines.

There are some traditional beliefs or fish wife tales that I subscribe to:

  1. Chicken soup will cure any cold,
  2. Chocolate helps soothe menstrual cramps,
  3. Never open the oven door while baking or your cake will flop, etc.

But some traditions just don’t make sense, especially for a blogger.  Let me try explain. I’ve been told many times, by friends and family and HR and even receptionists at the doctor, to withhold something from you guys.  Because it’s too soon. Because it’s not ‘done’  Because ‘what if something goes wrong?’.  And I’m saying, even if something goes wrong, it’s not like I’m not gonna blog about it you know?  Exactly, you guys know me.

Edit: we ended up waiting to publish this post until just before the proper time anyway, so the entry to this post has become pretty much moot.  Look at me being all compliant!

On Wednesday 12th of November I was the bitchiest kind of bitch there could be, and I was being this bitchiest kind of bitch to Jon.  Sweet, even-natured, well-mannered Jon.  Who didn’t even get mad at me after I screamed “LEAVE ME ALONE!  I’M FINE, I JUST WANT TO BE LEFT ALONE, OK? WHERE ARE YOU GOING?  WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU’RE GOING? STAY HERE!  I WANT TO BE LEFT ALONE, BUT WITH YOU HERE NEAR ME”.  Yes, really, I said that.

He tried his best to do everything right, and ended up doing everything wrong, because I was awful and in an awful mood and being awful in general, because I felt horrid, you see.  Sore boobs, heartburn, needing to wee all the time, as emotional as a soapie actress.  Tired aaaaaaaaaaaall the time.  Something was off.

And so, the very next morning, I peed on a stick, after peeing on sticks for months now and getting so used to it being negative, I nearly fell off the bloody toilet because this one wasn’t.  It wasn’t negative? It wasn’t negative! It had the faintest, little bittiest, lightest of a second line.


I immediately called Jon downstairs, without telling him why.  He came down carefully and prepared for another ridiculous attack, and as he entered the bedroom I shoved the pee stick in his face, “Do you see two lines here? I think I see two lines but I’m not sure.  Do you see two lines? There? Do you see them? Do you?”.  He replied with very big eyes, very calmly: “That kind of looks like two lines, sweetheart, but let’s not get excited now, okay? Let’s make an appointment and confirm with bloods”.

And so we did, and the bloods came back and confirmed it: JON AND I ARE HAVING A BABY HUMAN!

And just to be double sure, we’ve seen the gynie already and had two scans because of a complication*.  This little black spot is our baby human, well at this stage it was just a fertilised little sack, the baby human still looked like a salmon-tadpole:



And then two weeks later we had a follow up to see if there was a heartbeat and there a little thing inside the sack and inside the thing was the fastest little heartbeat you’d ever see and and I cried with happiness and Jon grinned all the way home now we know for sure, this is happening.


We are due this human child’s birth in July 2015 and we’re over the moon about it.






*Will tell you all about that scary little ride in another post.




  1. Nadine Rose Larter says:

    Real tears pouring down my face and I feel silly because for heaven’s sake I hardly know you! Congratulations sweet lady. And thank you for such honest to god good news. It feels like good karma for the start of a new year. ♡

  2. Judith says:

    Having also peed on a couple of sticks this year, I know the action becomes nonchalant after a while. Hopeless. It’s easier to feel nothing than build up a sense of false hope. So I’m really happy that yours was positive and wish you and Jon all the best.

  3. Dave says:

    Sheena and Jon – bloody awesome news! I’m not generally a fan of pee stories; this kind is the exception to that general thing. I am a HUGE fan of pee-on-a-stick stories – and with your usual flawless timing, revealing all on the cusp of the new year. Congratulations! You amazing humans!

  4. Tam says:

    so so beautiful! I just cried as it made me remember a year ago when it happened to me. You are going to be an amazing mom! Embrace every minute of ypur pregnancy as it flies by so quickly. Yes… Even the morning sickness and swelling and the gross bits no one tells you about xxx so so happy for you guys! Xxxx mazeltov

  5. MeeA says:

    Leaking eyeballs over here – So very, very happy for you both and TOTALLY available for anything you need at all!! 🙂

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