Twitter. A pain in my ass, but I can’t help myself!

I blame Slipnot!

I blame Slipnot!

On the loo, in the kitchen, in my bed, on the lounge floor, in the elevator, in traffic, shopping down pick n pay isles, at the pay counter, in the parking lot, at work on the desk… Twitter is always open.

The words “what are you doing?” seem to be something that nobody with access to the internet can resist.  Is it the narcissist in all of us?  Is it because we care what others think too much?  Is it the possibility of making contacts out there that you will probably never meet, yet spill your heart out to?

My first priority of the day is to tell Twitter that I’m awake.  My second is to see what all the other Twits are up to. At work if my internet goes down (as it does frequently) I don’t stress anymore like I used to.  Without a flicker of an eyelid, I flip out my phone and go to my mobile internet home page. Two guesses what it is…

Isn’t there something wrong here? I mean surely, I could be doing something more constructive, like opening my eyes properly, or yawning maybe?  No. It is not to be.  Surely I should be checking work emails before checking in out Twitter?  Probably.  But you all know as well as I do that its not likely to be my first priority.

Thats why, two days before my birthday*, on the morning after I’ve had minimal sleep, feel like death warmed up and served on toast, am emo more than ever – those two little birdies up there flying in the opposite direction?  They’ll be shot at dawn.  Don’t mess with me.  I need to tell Twitterland how I kicked my toe just now.

Aid me in my addiction to Twitter over here.

* That was just a subtle reminder there.  TWO DAYS!


  1. leez08 says:

    Love the slipnot comment. The devil made you do it right?

    NOw all you need is to “attain” a couple of ninja swords and slice up anyone who comes between you and twittering.

  2. shebee says:

    Chesie babe, google is your friend.

    Twitter: a microblogging software system that allows you to publish random statements of up to 140 characters and have a bunch of stalkers who follow your every syllable and comment back! You’ll never feel alone again!

    Gone are the days of loneliness or productivity at work, just use your free twitter account daily to make yourself feel popular and loved!

    But wait, there’s more! If you need more information, sign up a bloody account on and start tweeting today FOR FREE!

    *Batteries not included, stalkers sold seperately.

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