Turning cyberland into reality

I have many different online friendships.  I like to group them, you see.  I have the blogmates I text randomely at all hours of night and day, knowing I will always get a reply.  I have the bloggers I have spoken to and poured my heart out to, and listened while they’ve poured theirs out, without the intention of ever meeting in real life.  I have bloggers I add to my IM and chat to on a daily basis, laugh and cry with each one, think about when I’m at home and in my bed.  I have even fantasised about bloggers before.  Yes, thats right, I have.  I won’t tell so don’t even ask.  And no, Bridget, its not you.  I’m happy to say that I have involved two of my real life friends in the blogging world.  Through blogging I have especially become close to Natalie again, whom I lost touch with over the years.


Basically, what I am trying to say – is that although some of my RL friends think its nerdy and superficial of me to have so many people all over the world that I care about and talk about like I know them in person, I love what blogging has brought me.  Other than the benefits and joy I get from reading into other people’s minds, I have been fortunate enough to have learnt more about these people than I probably ever would in reality.



Sometimes in life you meet someone and just click.  It doesn’t happen very often, but when it does, it is instantaneous.  Today I was fortunate enough to meet the one missing third part of my blogging family.  I’m speaking, of course, of the mysterious and ever lady-like Ms. Candy Tothill.  I felt an immediate comfort and ease with her, and when we met at the airport I just had to give her a hug.


We raced around Cape Town the entire day in Bartholomew, Richards car, with a mission to relax, enjoy eachothers company, tease the male, swap stories and generally just get to know the real life person behind the computer screen.  Candy is useful too!  She helpfully explained to me that there was a great big fucking creepy-crawly monster cockroach under the chair that I happened to be plonking my ass upon.  While her and I were screaming for waiters from up top of the upholstered hotel furniture, Richard swept in and saved the day by smashing the poor bastard to smithereens (sorry if that offended the tree shaggers, to make up for it – I recycle on Tuesdays).


This woman is not only a breath of fresh air, but if I had mild lesbian tendancies I would dry hump her left leg.  She’s going to love that.  God I’m disgusting! 


Moral of this long winded story typed up at 1am?  Meet your blogger mates, yo – its fun.   Thank you, Candy-cane, for an awesome and unforgettable day.  Lets do it again, I’ll cook you my pasta next time.