Totes a nose picker now.

This might be a complete TMI, but I am not even ashamed anymore.  My nose is permanently stuffy, permanently. It’s a side effect of me having to use progesterone suppositories twice daily (sometimes thrice daily if I’m feeling extra crampy), so no matter how many times I blow, steam, sniff, snort, it remains stuffy.  Until, suddenly it’s not, then it’s dry as a desert.  And then I have no choice but to clear it all out because damnit, have you ever been stabbed on the inside of your nose by a dry snolly?  I have, friends, and it is not a pleasant experience.

The other element I’m currently living with is numbness.  Numb bum is not fun when you’re expected to stay in bed all day.  So I switch over to the side of my body, as graceful as a beluga whale in a teacup, and then my arm will go numb five minutes later.  I’ve resorted to lying at all sorts of angles during the day with my laptop propped up.

But! It’s not all bad.  I had my wobbly earlier this week and now things are better, I’m more at peace with everything.  Also, I got to go out yesterday to visit the doctor, and whilst driving has become a bit of a nightmare for both me as a back-seat driver passenger and Jon as the driver (OH MY GOD JON, SLOW DOWN! 40KM IS RIDICULOUSLY FAST!) it was very cool to see the outside world again (Oooh, there’s a new sign at the bus stop!  Oh, they fixed the pothole! Wow, it’s so bright outside.  Look at all this new grass! Why don’t you turn there where the taxi is? Oh ok, I’ll just shut up shall I?).  I even shaved my legs for the occasion and washed my hair again despite it being clean.  I changed my outfit thrice, such was my excitement.

And it paid off, because we had the best visit ever so far – not one negative thing happened! My BP is well within normal ranges again, my weight is falling off which is odd but not a bad thing, baby is perfect and growing beautifully and I even got a little video of the scan.

[VIDEO] Our boy is VERY proud of his bits, ok?

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And then he wouldn’t stop showing us just how proud he is of his boy bits, so he peeped his head through his two legs at us.  Too sweet man.  I’m so excited to meet this little guy:



An update on our house dilemma; we had an attorney’s letter sent to the seller and barely 8 hours later we finally had a positive response saying they’d have the house vacated by the 31st.  Which means that we can move on schedule, thank goodness.  And so this weekend some very special friends are descending upon us to pack up while I’m in bed.  I feel so blessed.  We may have felt alone when we started this journey, but Jon and I have realised just how lucky we are to have the friends we do.  I’ve had people popping in with flowers, for long visits, to sit in bed with me and paint nails or just hang out, and one friend didn’t even come inside, she just quietly popped her head through the door and dropped off dinner with the maid and left again while I was napping.

Life this week is much better than last week, that’s for sure.


  1. Candace says:

    I am so super happy for you! I am having a wobble today – so tearful and frustrated – you sound fantastic – good for you!!!! You grow that person like only a super woman can!!!

  2. Robi says:

    I’ve been thinking about you so much. I’m really glad that this week has been good to you. 🙂

    And yay for healthy little boys who show off their bits!

  3. MeeA says:

    Yay for all the good health & baby news!
    I’m so glad for you that you have such fantastic friends – they really make life so much less kak when things aren’t necessarily going your way.
    Happy moving!

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