Today I want to go to Ibiza

Today I just want to be away.  Somewhere like Ibiza.  Somewhere foreign and warm and filled with people I don’t know and don’t have to talk to.  Somewhere I can drink mojitos and read the books on my iPad that I never seem to get to. Somewhere far away where I cant speak the language or understand the locals and would need to resort to charades and miming my needs and intentions. Somewhere in a hotel that has all hour room service. Somewhere where car hire in Ibiza can easily allow me to zip my way through the beautiful islands like in these pictures:

I’m just not feeling my reality today.  And also, although I have a new iPhone 4S (thank you my wonderful boyfriend), Vodacom’s internal systems are down and they can’t activate my microsim, so it’s virtually useless until tomorrow.


So I’ve entertained myself with sending iCloud Find My Phone messages to my stolen phone.  Yes, I’ve even tracked the phone down to the very street name and suburb area it is in.  I’ve managed to remote wipe it and block it so it’s virtually a ten thousand rand brick.  Take that, thief!  But not before I had some fun.  This has what’s been sent so far:

  2. This phone will self-destruct in 5..4..3..2..1!
  3. I’m watching you right now.  Stop looking around like that.
  4. I’ve tracked you down.  Olive road, huh?  Bedfordview?  Police are on their way.  Enjoy that cup of coffee 🙂
  5. You look really pretty while you sleep, by the way.
  6. I don’t like that outfit you’re wearing.  Go change before the cops arrive.

Stupid ho.  I can’t believe I know where my phone is but the cops refuse to fetch it 🙁



*Thanks to my FB and Twitter mates who advised me which messages to send*


  1. alidaonline says:

    I had a good laugh at the messages you sent. And YAY for remote wipe. I know it doesn’t get your phone back and whatnot but at least the asshole that nicked it can’t use it either.

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