Thumping Thursday, thumping of the left membrane in my head that is.

I would just like to point out that doing something for yourself does not always leave you dileriously happy about every aspect of the thing you did.

Some people got hurt, and for that I feel – not responsible – but sympathetic. I would just like to acknowledge that. I’m speaking for me, now and no one else. I am sorry you are hurt. From one person who’s been there, to another person who’s there now. I hope you can come out of this smiling, and in your own lovely style.

That being said, I would like to hereby denounce myself from being completely sane. It is official, there are some things about myself that should not be legal, like serious. Things like my ability to be clumsy – all the bloody time!

This morning:

  • I not only stood in a bowl of mushy dog food
  • I made coffee with salt instead of sugar, dropped a toilet roll into the toilet
  • attempted to brush my teeth with an upside down tooth brush (this only being acknowledged after I smeared enough toothpaste to brush the little mouths of at least three children)
  • couldn’t understand why my shoes were so tight until I looked down at my feet – I had two different heels on, not even the same colours, and they were both on the wrong foot.

I could seriously get back into bed and try this morning all over again.