This was my weekend.

A phone call from afar.

A blister on my finger.

A search for nail clippers and polish remover.

Cursing of the GHD.

Arrangements being made for the holiday of unstressage.

Exciting smses.

Facebook tags.

Burnt boobies.

Fish freak outs at uShaka.

Super tubing in my jeans.

Conversations on life, love and the lack thereof.

Missing underwear.

Songs about musical instruments and puking.

Musings of nostalgia.

4am conversational interventions.

Boy toy.

Excitement.  Noise.  Smiles.

What happens to your boobs without SPF.
This is what happens to your boobs without SPF.


  1. Shebee says:

    well, the good news is, i don’t look like a gecko anymore. The bad news is, i’m going to have peeling bloody noombies when i get to cape town. Amy, i want a picture of yours! Its only fair!

  2. B says:

    IT was awesome.. had margarita’s watching the sun set with the kids and SexyG.. met some other peeps and all that.. ended the evening with an asscollapse when I discovered that the dudes charged almost R40 for every margarita.. lol… Next time I take Zim money with.. 😉

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