This is kinda kak, but ya.

I don’t want to ever become one of those annoying saffers that bitch and moan about our country, but I’m feeling a little invaded and bitter at the moment, so please bare with me. Ok, all understood? Good.

The night before last saw me tossing and turning in bed as the neighbourhood dogs were barking madly and generally just unsettling me. I have been staying on my own for some time now, so I’m not usually a nervous nelly, but something in the atmosphere was telling me the world around me was out of whack. My little house is usually in darkness at bed time, but on this night I saw it fit to switch on the garage light as I felt rather unsettled.

I usually sleep in the buff, but since I have family staying with me, I was fully clothed, thank fuck. At about four in the morning, after I had been up to drink water, have a wee, shout at the dogs and coo at my birds, I was drifting off to a peaceful place in my semi subconscious mind, when I heard a loud thud, sounding like a person landing on their feet off a high place.

My over-active imagination kicked in and I visualised three or four goons trapesing over my property with guns, knives, rope and -who know’s – maybe a land mine or two for extra effect. Sadly, I wasn’t far wrong. Fair enough they had no weapons to be seen plainly, but they definately didn’t belong on my property, or in my garage which was were they were at the time of sight.

My dad switched on every light and apparently the neighbours made a bit of a racket (more than the dogs had done) and the two illegal shitheads flew off, jumping over my fence wall. They didn’t get anything, but could have easily made off with any number of cars on the property or worse, come inside and had their disgusting way with me. They did, however, manage to ransack every bag, suitcase and box there was in the garage.

Not meaning to sound like a typical ignoramus, but; I can’t believe this happened to me! I have high walls, a big metal gate, we have dogs on the property and inside my house, I live in a cull-de-sac road, with at least 3 pairs of cops within a 5m radius in front, behind and next to our yard. And those cops all have big scary police dogs too!

How could these idiots come into my comfort zone without so much as a thought, and ruin my perfectly safe environment? I feel completely violated and nervous to be alone now. I keep thinking, what would i have done if I had been alone? I have no weapons or protection and I freeze up in these situations. Like, really, I am completely useless in the face of danger – I try not to even blink while holding my breath, just in case they see me moving and decide to pounce!

I know this is sunny South Africa and crime is to be expected, but I liked living in my world of safety, where ignorance was bliss.