Things you find when spring cleaning

Firstly, I am really excited – I have managed to connect to the net off my phone, using my pc. COnvertion to a geek is almost complete, it seems. Well done, me!

Secondly, My family have gone. Sad face. I am tired from crying. I came home to find a letter Ash left me, and just sobbed. I keep saying this, but I am *so* grateful I had this time with them. My goal has been set, I want to go to Oz by March next year, just for a holiday, but also to check it out and see if its worth moving there or not.

Thirdly, I have had a busy day and spring cleaned my flat. The things I found! Unbelievable! Here have a list:

  • Condom. To be used by Feb 2008. That gives me four months people. I need to find that shag I keep waffling about to my mates. The problem is I have too many needs for one person to satisfy, and I’m not prepared to sleep with a random. I am so over that. Not that I have ever had sex with anyone I didn’t love. Ahem.
  • Seventeen little fluffy toys for SusieQ and Milo, although Milo only has one tooth, but what the hell – he can ‘gum’ them to death as apposed to Suse’s biting them and ripping every last shred of fluff, like she has done with all the others.
  • Four books I have never read. Bonus.
  • Three pairs of jeans with price tags still on them. Double bonus. (Except I was reminded of how bad my shopping fetish once was).
  • A candy striped bag. What was I thinking?
  • Photo’s and more photo’s. (one was of a willy. don’t ask).
  • A packet of dog bones with green stuff on it, I am presuming mould.
  • This cord (now) sticking out of my laptop to connect to the net. Triple bonus.
  • Five lighters. I hid them to not lose them, then forgot where I had done the hiding.
  • An entire make up bag, complete with Clinique face wash.

Hope your weekend was peaceful. If not, I hope it was raucious and madly wild.