Things I sometimes think about



  1. Do you think Jesus’ middle name was Harold (Jesus H. Christ) because “Hark The Harold Angels Sing”?
  2. I can’t wait to get another cat so we can call him Feris Mewler.
  3. Is KFC really that unethical?  If it is, then I don’t want to know what ethical tastes like.
  4. Jon and I really need an alien-invasion plan.  Quickly.  Although, we have singers like Miley Cyrus (is it just me or does she sound like she’s going through the puberty of a 14 year old boy?) and I’m convinced that’s why the aliens fly right past Earth.
  5. I could honestly watch this video over and over again.
  6. Do you think my future dog would mind if I dressed him in bandanas and a bow tie?
  7. Next time my mom is near me I’m going to sniff her a little bit extra than usual.
  8. Would people find me strange if I wore sunglasses in the office just so that I didn’t have to make eye contact?
  9. ShouldIshouldn’tIshouldmaybeIshouldnowaitdon’tpushjustbepatientbutwhatifimissoutomgjustwaiti’mgoingtoishouldshutupbrain



  1. Chantal says:

    Ohhh cool 🙂 Shot for the reply.

    You’re a lucky girl, wonder what he’ll do for your 30th…an engagement ring maybe….I see it coming…. 😉

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