Things I desperately want right now:

1. A fireplace. With gas to power it so the whole house doesn’t smell like a Zulu khaya.
2. A bigger kitchen, with more kitchen cupboards and counter space.
3. A bunch of bananas that are neither frot, nor ripe.
4. More tights. I live in tights these days. They’re perfect for winter, comfortable as hell and go with most of my shirts and jerseys.
5. Gum boots that fit my calf muscles. I’ve always had large calf muscles, but now they’re just ridiculous.
6. The ability to cut off all cravings when it’s that time of the month. Good god, if it’s made of sugar and it stands still long enough, I will inhale it.
7. More socks. I don’t have enough socks in my life. Or 3/4 pantyhose.
8. An aqua coloured nail polish.
9. An iPad 3. Because the 2 is already in our house, and the 3 is the next one out, thereby making me more superior to Jon by having a gadget later in edition than his.
10. Longer weekends. They go by so quickly these days.

Terribly exciting blog post, do hold yourselves back.


  1. acidicice says:

    We have a gas heater and it stinks up the place. LOL @ 6. I also need more socks and cannot find ANY boots to fit my fat calves.

    10 = + 1

  2. MeeA says:

    1. What acidicice said about the gas.
    2. Amen.
    3. Totally random, but o-kay…
    4. Amen. And add to that more jeans, shoes, warm tops (as in, ones with long sleeves) and a decent winter coat, please!
    5. I’d settle for one decent pair of black boots that I can dress up or down…
    6. Chick, I’d beat someone to death for a chocolate brownie/doughnut/anything with meringue in it/bar of nougat/Cadbury’s Chomp right now… :/
    7. Ooooooh, you saucy minx, you! ;P
    8. So pretty.
    9. Right on, sistah!
    10. Meh. Weekends, weekdays… They’re all pretty much the same to me these days. Strongs!

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