These symptoms…

  • tender breasts
  • sensitive nipples
  • nausea in the mornings
  • wanting to vom after every meal
  • constant headaches
  • bloated stomache
  • hormones upside down
  • funny dreams

No, I’m not pregnant, but Aunt Flow this month is being a fucking bitch!  Oh my lawd, I actually cried this afternoon because I dropped my banoffee pie 🙁

And Dano (Date Dude’s blog alias) has a sore foot.  And I have to meet his parents, and he will meet mine this weekend.  So much for a romantical weekend in the mountains.


Anyway, with all this emoness, I’ve felt a bit Mother Theresaish and even donated R2 towards world hunger when I bough Kentucky Fried Cruelty the other night, so you guys must feel good about yourselves too.

This over here is a good cause:

Go support it.  Shaun Oakes says so. And he’s Cape Town’s Favourite Son, and also 23rd best blogger.  Or something.


  1. Stef says:

    i’m surprised too!!… the parentals??? you are one gutsy chicababe 🙂

    hope it goes well!!!

    have a greaaaaaaaaat weekend 🙂

  2. Shebee says:

    seriously, you guys think its too soon? EXMI you were already knocked up by that stage man! No, i think we both just want our mothers to shut up, it means nothing more.

  3. Shebee says:

    OH, Shaun I have this afternoon off because i feel rotten and need to get out of the attic earlier than the rest of the twats i work with. And also because the drive to the coast is a long one i don’t feel like doing at night. Especially in our crap weather.

  4. ExMi says:

    okay, you’re right. i’d been dating the bf for 3 weeks when i went away on family holiday with them.

    and then fell pregnant a month later,

    so i have no room to talk.

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