There is a movement happening: #SpeakZA


It’s an outcry, people.  Journalists have been threatened, bloggers are getting involved.

Nyiko Floyd Shivambu tried to use the media to lambaste the man who exposed embarrassing information about the ANCYL president, Julius Malema. Are you rolling your eyes already?  Well, read more:

Then, when 19 political journalists put their names to an official complaint, the ANCYL president himself retorted with a letter, calling the journos a mob and a nameless concerned group. The bloggers getting involved in #SpeakZA were then referred to as “fake people” [on the internet].  I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty much the opposite of fake.  And I’d prefer the term Desktop Activist, thank you.

It’s quite a story, read more here.

Basically, bloggers are standing up for journalists for a free press in South Africa.  The Twitter hashtag #SpeakZA says it all.  The Facebook group has grown to over 155 people in less than 2 hours.  I am proudly jumping onto my soap box and right on the bandwagon.

Speak, South Africa, speak.  Don’t let them silence us.

I will not be censored.  I will not stay quiet.  This is my country, I will speak.


  1. Momcat says:

    There will always be those who have a vested interest in keeping inquisitive people (the media) silenced and out of their business. Let the outcry of the media be the outcry of the people. This country has a history of fighting for personal and public rights and just because its now the turn of the ruling party to be called to account doesn’t mean its going to stop. The media are the voice of the people. We all want to be informed.

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