There are some things in life that just ARE worth the heart ache…

There are a couple of things that I’m getting used to, living in this Amish Paradise here in Lanseria.  Being spoken to in Afrikaans by every single person here is… interesting, to say the least.  One jean pant wearer at the post office either asked me for my number, or spoke about a bottle.  I’m still not sure. 

The good thing about being so far out in the sticks means that I can’t get lost.  Ever.  Unless I drive through to Fourways, which is something I’m kinda dreading, I won’t lie.  All this speak of Galoolies intersections and traffic freaks me out man, it’s not like I have an ocean to guide me anymore, or a mountain for that matter.  Although, there area  coupla hills around Hartebeesport Dam which could help.  I think.

I’m looking forward to seeing my friends, there are so many popping out of the woodwork on facebook saying they’ve moved to Phlegmteng too, I have loads of coffees and dates set up in my inbox.  Some of them pretty sexy looking too, although it’s hard to judge just how much a person changes between now and past school days.

I’ve fallen in love with the animals here.  This morning I went with Jax to watch her lunging a horse sans any reigns.  My friend (and now part time boss) is a mad woman.  That animal is fucking HUGE, I don’t even measure up to his shoulders.  And the way the stupid thing LOOKS at me!  I swear he’s plotting his soonest opportunity to kick me from behind.  Horrible fucker.

I’ve reunited with Paris my bird, and Tiger my puppy.  It’s like I never left.  Paris sits on my shoulder all day in the office and Tiger alternates chasing chickens and learning how to growl.  She’s the cutest little thing.  One of the male geese has taken a shine to me and fluffs himself up everytime he walks past the office door.  Every time he spots me his feathers shoot up and he does a weird neck motion and makes a disturbing mating call sound effect.  Tiger, the size of an over grown hamster practises her stalking skills on him and the cats take turns stalking her.  It’s a bit of a madhouse, I won’t lie.

So… initial home sickness aside, I’m getting into the swing of things here.  Even starting to think like a tree hugger what with there being no refuse collection here.  Dude, prepare for a TMI okay?  I am DREADING my period week.  Septic tanks?  WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?!

Signing off,


Former City Girl, now turned hippy tree-hugging animal looker afterer.


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