The untitled title

You know, I actually prefer that my site is much quieter these days.  I would rather have a handful of loyal readers than a hundred lurkers that never say anything only to go and bitch about me privately.  I do, however, spend a lot of time censoring comments on this blog these days.  Its annoying, but thankfully its just a click away to keep the dickheads at bay.  For some of you, if you’ve commented anonymously and I haven’t approved I do apologise.  My new policy is that unless I know who you are, your comment won’t be approved.  Yes, folks, I am now officially censoring.  Disgusting – I know.  Sux2bu!

Hey, guess what?  I have a job.  I start tomorrow.  Its alternative hours.  It involves literature.  It is phenomenol and I am pretty excited about it.  Thats all I’m saying though.  Y’all know I have a stalker and all that…  *waves at cowardlycnut*.

So.  Anyway.  Thats about that.  Sorry guys, please bare with me – I know things are not the same around here – and truth be told, I don’t know if they ever will be again, but I’m working on what I want out of this experience.  As soon as I know, you will too.



  1. Stef says:

    so this is your new home eh?
    i like it…
    ok so i’m copying my comment from your old haunted blog to here…

    cooooooooooool! new job an all 🙂
    so glad, sounds great, hope it rocks your world babe !!!!

  2. shebee says:

    It is my new home, and mine alone! Thats the best thing I like about it.

    Thanks for your copied comment. LOL.


  3. B says:

    Looks Great !!

    See what some coffee and no sleep can do?

    It needs some pinkfluff though.. so you know what that means??



  4. shebee says:

    Ash – when you coming round for a girls night? Did Gav spoil you for your bday yesterday?

    B – hah bloody hah. 😛 Yes, pink is a coming.


    Cath – *shit some poo* kk? Love you like a russian kid loves vodka.

  5. Amy says:

    Well done my lovey… glad to see you’ve pulled it all back together again. Now just looking forward to some regular posting!

  6. shebee says:

    *takes bow*

    And look! She’s up at bloody midnight AGAIN! Useless, I tell you, useless! Send sleeping pills, somebody.

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