The untitled birthday post


It’s day 10 592 and the humans have started to accept me into their universe.  I no longer feel like the odd one out in every social setting and mostly don’t even feel the need to be the center of attention any longer.  My chosen mate, affectionately known as Jon, continues to shower me with human kindness and understanding.  After four years together it seems we have begun to fit into a groove and it is ultimately very suitable.

My 29th birthday looms and as of tomorrow I will enter into the last day of my last year in the twenties.  It’s surreal as I remember being 21 like it was just yesterday.  I have begun to treat each birthday as my very own personal brand of New Year.  It works for me.

This year, my resolutions will be to continue in my ultimate pursuit of personal contentment.


It’s been an interesting year.  Highlight, buying myself a high performance sports vehicle on a whim.

It’s been a sad year.  I haven’t seen as much of my family as I would have liked.

It’s been a busy year.  I started a new job and I’m already 6 months in.

It’s been a slow year.  In some things I feel like I’ve gotten nowhere.


I want to be wild and free and run around barefoot with my boobs flopping about.  Because that’s the person I always pictured myself to be as an adult.  Except, I’m not.  Somehow when I wasn’t looking, I abandoned everything I ever planned to be and became someone completely different.  I’m still making up my mind on how I feel about that.

In the meantime, it’s my 29th birthday hiphiphooray.

Pass the cake, please.



  1. Jessica Giggles says:

    Life happens when you’re making other plans. Perhaps you’re becoming the person you never thought possible because there’s lots more in store for you that you never even considered wishing for…

    You and I will have to drink to the last year of our twenties because I’m completely panicking that I’m getting “old” and not achieving all I thought I would have achieved by now!

  2. Cath says:

    *cough* ARE YOU EMO ON YOUR BIRTHDAY? You are. We don’t do that anymore. We dropped that in 2012.

    Now. Buck up, bitcho. Because you’ve not only DONE what you thought you would (just in a different way to the way you expected it) but you’ve ACTUALLY DONE MORE.

    You’ve done more than survive. You’ve thrived.

    Love you X

  3. TTT says:

    Practically Emo, you didn’t mention The Toffee even once.
    Or the healthy friendships you have with good people who care and some of them don’t even send you fush pictures.

    Enjoy this year because it only gets better – Audi is my favorite …

  4. Briget says:

    Emo or Not..
    You are AWESOME!!!

    You have done so much, more than most and done it in style.

    CELEBRATE today, celebrate BIG and give it horns 😛


  5. Angel says:

    I totally hear you on becoming someone different!
    I am counting down to my 40th and I feel like I’m dragging around half ton weights that are stopping me from moving forward.

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