The universe is kicking me in my head.

  • Oprah Magazine contacts me, schedules a feature and a photo shoot, I get all excited, they cancel at the last minute.
  • WTF Conference refers to me as a Social Media “specialist” and enlists me to be one of their speakers, I get excited, they cancel at the last minute.
  • Another magazine contacts me, proposes a column scribed by yours truly, I get all excited, they don’t bother getting back to me.

I’m over it. From now on I’m saying no. NO, NO, NO, NO TO YOU, NO DEFINITELY TO YOU, AND NO TO YOU!

But until then I’ll just lie down in a corner and sulk with my sad panda face on.



PS: Please pray for Cath. Send love bubbles & thoughts her way please. I wouldn’t ask if it weren’t serious enough.




  1. cath says:

    Love you Bean. Maybe the universe is just stunned by your awesomeness?

    I know its frustrating, and fucking disappointing. But, it will all happen, when the time is right. Promise

    p.s. Thank you. Love you. I’ll tell you when it’s time to come home and hold my hand, k?

    love you X

  2. Amy says:

    What if i invite you to do a guest post on my blog? We can put a pretty picture of you and i promise i wont cancel on ya…

  3. Shebee says:

    Kyk – although, Coitus Interruptus does certainly have its perks…

    Cath – Love you too. X

    Justin – I am so unbelievably pissed. I’ve tried to call them, all phones on voicemail, I’ve mailed and have yet to hear back from them. Even their website is still showing as if it’s on. Unreal.

    Angel – I won’t, you know me man – I love the attention too much.

    Amy – sure babyshoes!

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