The things I do for Nic Harry…


…only because I haven’t learned how to say no to the man yet. The man tagged me. Now, before all you other dudes start moaning because I haven’t done YOUR tags, nigger- please, he is Nic Harry. The man is a genius, plus he’s greek – which automagically makes him divine. My cyber crush just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

Anyway, he went to a 1st birthday party, and instead of buying the kid lame toys and clothes, he bought him his first two albums. *Swoon* Back to the tag, I shall list my choice of albums to influence my kid, should I ever choose to have one (again):

Because this woman sings my life.

Even though he changed his religion, ate more curry and sang about his wife and son a lot, my dad loved him to bits, and I will always remember the happy times because of that.

This man created coolnessness.  I learned how to be angry thru Eminem.

Ahhhh.  Laina!!!! I miss you!

Tracy, you bitch, my ex loved you more than me!  but that song, what was it?  "pack my bags and into the city…daddys too old for working, mommas to young to be lookin like him".  LOVE IT. 

others would include REM, Black Eyed Peas, Justin Timberlake & Sheryl Crowe. I got bored looking for album covers, Nic, ma bad, dawg.

Basically, everything I chose holds memories and feelings for me.  I would want to pass that on to my offspring.