The Olympic FOMO debacle

Been experiencing huge FOMO over the Olympics this week.  Jon and I have been so busy lately that we haven’t had much of a chance to sit and just watch the games.  It’s sad because everyone on Twitter is all over it and I seem to keep catching the tweets of people who watch things that are seriously exciting.  Like the saffa who won the gold.  Like the chickie who missed her time and lost out on her medal.  Like the two athletes who’ve been banned for tweeting racist remarks.

Anyway, I think the solution is that I should just hop on a plane and fly to England to see these things for myself.  Co-operative travel is the best option in terms of flights, I see.  If only I was paid to just be awesome at life… I’d be there right now, munching on popcorn and watching all the drams.  It would be so cool.

Like the syncronised swimmers.  OMG.  Every Olympics, since I was a child, this was always my favourite part of the Olympics.  That and the opening ceremony.  Although this year’s was a bit of a yawn fest, to be honest.  Sky-diving Queen and Mr Bean aside, obvs.  The whole ceremony of the colonials and what not bored me to tears, just about.  I did like the giant literature characters though – it was like the Brits tried to cram every bit of their heritage, which I suppose is what it’s all about.  I think the only thing missing was a plate of bangers and mash with a pint or two…

Have you been watching?  Am I the only one missing out?  Do you even care?



  1. MeeA says:

    I love watching the gymnastics stuff – especially the floor routines. And I like watching some of the sprints and hurdles. And high jump. And archery.
    But I won’t be seeing any of it this year either – just too many other things to do!

  2. alida says:

    Bangers & mash and perhaps fish & chips in newspaper wouldn’t have been completely out of place 🙂

    I’m also doing the whole FOMO thing … walk in the door, TV on, watch a bit, flip channels, watch a bit, flip channels. I love the Olympics.

  3. Angel says:

    I saw some of the opening ceremony, synchronised swimming, gymnastics, and equestrian events, but only because I happened to be channel surfing past it at the time.
    I am happy for those SA athletes who got medals- kudos to them- but I really couldn’t care less about the Olympics.

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