The Nerdies Winners, announced!

  1. A limited edition Moral Fibre T-shirt full of goodness, flair & attitude.
  2. One domain plus THREE MONTHS free hosting from The Creative Foundation.
  3. A luxury Body Thrills hamper homemade especially by ExMi for each individual.
  4. Free Dinner at Capello Sandton from Garsen Subramoney to the value of R300.
  5. An anonymous prize:A bottle of Rupert & Rothchild Red vino for the dude and a Charlotte Rhys hamper for the girl.
  6. And then, excitingly:  one final mystery prize from Simon B. To be sent to the winners and they can tell you what they got.  Sneaky, sneaky huh?

Those are the prizes that will be sent through to the two winners.  Lucky fuckers.The bidding wars proceeds will be sent to the NPO Charity mentioned previously, we’re still tallying up the total amount raised.  Any donations are welcome at any time.  I will obtain the banking details and blog them asap, okay?Before I announce the winners, I would like to thank the following people:

  • Garsen Subramoney, Vincent & Talita, Fring SA, The Creative Foundation, ExMi and The Anonymouse who all donated prizes unexpectedly and so generously.
  • SimonBMiss_PSnowgoose, Byron & ExMi amongst others for making such an effort and being such a source of entertainment in this pageant.
  • Don for being so godamned cute and funny as hell, especially in his under rods & for suggesting a ball gown and swimwear.
  • Mike Stopforth for playing along and letting us girls rip him to shreds with challenges and endless flirtation.  You’re still my no.1 blog crush of the moment, boyo. 
  • Steve for being the male judge who judged the females.  Thanks Stevo, I totally agree with your decision. 

I honestly didn’t think my decision would be very hard but I was wrong.  The thing is, I had to keep reminding myself that this was just a tongue in cheek pageant and that the fate of the blogosphere didn’t actually rely upon our decisions as to who would be crowned The Sexiest Nerdy 2009.  But still, I have this annoying voice at the back of my head whispering “but if you choose him, the geeks will think [this] and if you don’t choose him, everyone will assume [that]”.  And so I took my emotions and reservations out of it, looked at the characters at hand and knew I needed further enforcement.  A chat with my trusty friend Cath, who knows me and my thought process better than most ever will.  This is what she had to say:The one I’d select is nice, approachable, always ready to help and support, and never shoves his shit down other peoples throats.  Also, he’s not afraid to be himself online and does not do a “persona”.  I’d imagine him to also be huggable and clever.Immediately I knew.  Not because the rest of the contestants don’t fit that bill, but because one of them sprung to those specs more so than others.  And so I congratulate Andre Van Rooyen, for being South Africa’s Sexiest Nerdy for 2009.  Well done, and more importantly, thank you.  For sharing yourself and the treasures that pop out of your personality with all of us online.  We’re lucky to be able to interract with & have you with us. Also, your eyes fortell something that most girls wish to be told.Then, luckily for the girls, I was fortunate enough to secure Steve as our male judge.  He was given total power over choice I think he did a sterling job.  Here are his words:I always knew the decision would be tough as hell but I have to go for Suetjie. The Cow_Grrl is geeky and pretty at the sametime. I think if we have this again next year, Heidi [Snowgoose] will take it. I’d love to declare a draw between the two of them but Suetjie got more votes so rightfully I choose her.  Via email, twitter, sms and blog comments, she’s been a pillar of strength to many and coped with all her own issues as well. Thats hectic inner strength and resolve. Reasons:
1) well she *IS* the cow_grrrl
2) has some of South Africa’s finest working for her.
3) She is an avid blogger and keeps us all updated on everything all the time.
4) She had an incredibly tough year and still supported a lot of us.
5) She’s HAWT, I would never have guessed that she was a mom of two teenagers!
Thank you to everyone involved.  You’ve surpassed my expectations of participation and coolness.  We’ll definitely have a go at this again next year, me thinks.  I’ll be contacting the winners shortly regarding prizes, and I’ll keep you all informed of the bidding finalizations and when/how/why the donations and proceeds go to the charity.And that about sums it up.  If I had an MC closing this deal, I’m sure he’d end with a joke or something.  So here’s my favourite joke of the moment:What’s pink and fluffy?Pink fluff.What’s blue and fluffy?Blue fluff holding its breath.What’s green and fluffy?1972’s world Hide and Seek champion.Ba-da-ba-da-BOOM-DASH-DING! 🙂


  1. Andre says:

    Thanks Exmi, thanks Simon :))

    And Sheena, our tire-less (until Friday 🙂 event-organiser, and online fun-and-happy-ness CEO!! And the judges. And the judges advisors. (Pina’s in the post, Cath 🙂 And the prize sponsors for the seriously cool geek kit and services. And all the wonderful tweeple who nom-nom’d and voted.

    A man is truly rich, when he feels the warmth of true friendship.

  2. Byron says:

    many many congratulations to the deserving winners.
    this has been a fun contest. and I will definitely be involved with the next one.

  3. Heidi says:

    well done to the super deserving winners Sue and Andre, you guys rock!

    to shebee and the rest of the mad crew- thank you so much! you made the 1st week back at work full of fun and hysterical gales of laughter.

    @stevemcd shot for the kind words but dont count on me winning next year. remember that this time last year i didn’t even know what social media was! there is no doubt another bunch of awesome nerdies waiting in the wings! 🙂

  4. Don says:

    What a rad event. Thanks SheBeeGee, caused a big stir last week which was awesome. Was really looking forward to wearing the crown down the catwalk, tears rolling down my face, doing the obligatory ‘Queen-wave’. It’s up to Andre now to do the men proud. Wear the crown with love bro.

  5. justBcoz says:

    Your Beeness … thanks for creating such fun for us all!!

    To Steve and everyone who voted for me … I’m stoked, thank you for letting the ol’ cow_grrrl take the crown =)

    And to those who have sponsored the awesome prizes – very awesome of you – many, many thanks!

    I would like to make a pledge of R500 to the charity that we’re supporting for Nerdies 09 so Bee, please add that in for me when you tally everything up.

  6. Mike says:

    Awesome, well done y’all. It was a much needed and enjoyed start to 09. Looking forward to seeing all the crazy peeps involved in CT later this month and of course, 27dinner in Jozi 🙂

  7. simonB says:

    Ok the #nerdies auction for my gear is closed.

    Item 1 My old and smelly fring tshirt:
    @shebeegee R20
    @simonB R20
    @missP R60 Winning bid

    Total raised R100.00

    Item 2 fring 1Gig flash drive

    @shebeegee R20
    @simonB R20
    @Heidi R60
    @Miss P R100 Winning bid

    Total: R200

    Total raised R300.00

    Congrats to @missP for winning both auctions. Your goodies are on the way to @shebeegee who will send it on.

    Thanx also to everyone else who took part in this auction.
    Please arrange to pay the money over to @shebeegee as she will be paying the charity.

    R300 isnt much but its a nice start and we got some good bids with a few of the other items so the grand total will be even better 😉

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