The Nerdies 2010 – coming to a computer screen near you!

Can you believe its almost been an entire year since the last one? Can you remember what fun we had? Can you remember how much we laughed our asses off when people started auctioning nudie pics and underwear in order to score votes earn money for charity?

If you can’t, you’re either new to my blog or you haven’t been around Twitter long enough – because to date, The Nerdies have brought the most traffic and comments to my blog, ever.  And now?  Now it’s almost time to start again.

In January we’ll launch our 2nd annual Nerdy Awards.  For being a nerd, hot & popular.

How it works?

  1. You’ll get the nomination phase
  2. Once all your nerdynomnom’s are in, there will be a voting process
  3. Final eliminations will be done
  4. Semi-final contestants will be announced
  5. Voting will commence for top 3 boys and top 3 girls.
  6. Judging will take place
  7. 1 boy and 1 girl winner will be announced and will take away the ridiculous prestigeous title of Sexiest Nerdy 2010

Auctions – will take place, just like they did last year. Spontaneously as always, we’ll play things by ear but start thinking about who you want to nominate to donate their item* for moola in the mean time. Remember all proceeds go to charity.

Prizes – if anyone is interested in sponsoring any prizes for the winners, please let me know via comments section or you can mail me on sheenagates @ gmail .com

Charity – who should be our charity this year?  Suggestions in comments section only please, my inbox is getting fuller and fuller by the minute with random charities already – so I’d prefer to see what YOU guys think is a better choice.

Out of the top of my head, I have the following ideas:

I’m looking forward to it! But I also don’t want it to be a total shambles like it ended up being last year, so if we can start taking care of the admin now, that would help me loads.

Spread the word, younglings…



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