The Nerdies 2009

What fun I’ve had, truly. This first week back at work for most of us would have been dull, eventless and yawn inducing but I have been kept in stitches and on my toes with nom-nom’s pouring in through my twitter account, emails, blog and even dreams.  Last night I totally dreamt that Saul smashed Marcel over the head to jump up onto a stage and steal the (non existant) Nerdies09 Trophy!

I’d like to firstly thank the sponsors for being so forthcoming with the prizes on offer.  Each Nerdy Boy and Girl will receive the following when they win:

  1. A limited edition Moral Fibre T-shirt full of goodness, flair & attitude.
  2. One domain plus THREE MONTHS free hosting from The Creative Foundation by Byron Rode.
  3. A luxury Body Thrills hamper homemade especially by ExMi for each individual.
  4. Free Dinner at Capello Sandton from Garsen Subramoney to the value of R300.

The Nerdies have sparked controversy, jealousy, laughter, ego wars and even half nudies.  It’s been a rollercoaster ride of competitiveness in this circle jerking world of ours, and I hate to admit it but I couldn’t have actually topped myself if I tried when it comes to bringing out these online nerdies egos.  Its been amusing to no end.

I have a few Nom-nom’s that win my WTF! award, its nothing really aside from the prestigeous notion that you made me literally laugh out loud:

  1. Steve and his “non gay” nom-nom of Don, because Don apparently has style and a brilliant sense of humour.  I’ll second that, the dude does stand up comedy for gawds sake.
  2. Yusuf for repeatedly trying to nominate me and denying that it was for bribery purposes.
  3. Stew because he sincerely wanted to nominate bacon and then got rather miffed that no one else seconded his nom-nom.
  4. Blade for confidently nominating himself (you’ll be happy to know you weren’t alone, others nom-nommed you too honey). And finally,
  5. ExMi because she totally transformed into a pimp, came out of the real-face closet and and changed her online profile pic to something porno that her mommy would cry if seen.  I owe you a blog post of love for taking me up on my challenge, chickie, I realise this.

The Nom-noms are in and we’re ready to show you the Nomnominees that you need to vote for, but first a list of those who were punted, but didn’t make the cut of between a minimum of 2 or 5 nominations or more.  Sorry for you lot, I told you to tell your mates.  You never listen to me! And the nominees are:

(in no particular order and some sans a link due to either me not having it or my fingers being totally lazy)

Girl Nerdies:

Joyanne (2), Annaling (2), Talita(2), Single Syllable(2), Gabrielle(2), Kerry-Anne(2), Kitty(2), Tertia(3), Sam Wilson (2), Megg Wilson(2) [hey, are you two related?], Roxilla(3), Max Kaizen(2), Saaleha, Jo Duxbury, Bailey Schneider, Candy Tothill, KaB, Dolce, Jade Allen, Shana Kassiem, Vannessa Clark, Sarah Blake.

Close Runners Up:

Dude Nerdies:

Denny(2), Barry Roodt(3), Jayx(2), Biggest Mullet(3), StevenMcD(3), Brandon Golding(3), Wogan May(3), Shaun Oakes(3), Byron Rode(3), Enzo(3), Stii, Nic Harry, Vincent Maher, Matthew Buckland, Jason Elk, Jeremy Nell, Geek Rebel, Sexy G, XSYN, CraigN, DChetty, Allan Kent, Charl Norman, Jayx, Dave Duarte, Killer.

Close Runners Up:

And lastly, the Top Ten Nerdies needing your votes:



  1. Lord Wiggly says:

    Is that Snow chick for real? Haz I been out of the blogloop for so long?

    She deserves 50 extra votes for wearing that pimp blue zorro mask, wrd2brd!!!

  2. Shebee says:

    WIGGLY D!! MY GOD. I nearly pee’d in my panties you homo! Fuck I miss you so much. You don’t call, you don’t write, you don’t send smoke signals… I almost had given up on our love, babyshoes 🙁

    Yeah, it is for real, she dressed up as a TwitterBot for a fancy dress thingie. Its awesome 🙂

  3. simonB says:

    lol – hehe thanx for the votes..

    btw @shebeegee – Here’s a better pic you can use for my image above, the other pic makes me look fat… hehehe lol lol

  4. shebee says:

    dudes, you’re not talking about the figures in brackets are you? Because those just show how many nominations each person had. I just want to make sure its not that before i break knee caps.

  5. 6000 says:

    Oh woe is me. I failed to make any list. Even the girlie one.
    I’m not sure what this means.

    Anyway, I’d like to thank my mother, my agent, the guy who mugged me in 2005, Graeme Smith, the entire Ajax Cape Town squad, Mara Louw and “Bob”, the Hamas militant who was sheltering in that UN school yesterday.

    Cheers, guys.

  6. Cluckhoff says:

    Wha ha ha ha! Still being on holiday and all I’ve only half been following the #nerdies09. What a lag! 11 points SheBee for your awesomeness (out of 10 that’s not bad :)).

  7. shebee says:

    Just so you dudes know, the poll is slow on here and will show the previous votes results before you came along. On the inside of these walls, its all accurate i promise!

  8. Chris M says:

    After you vote, the person you select’s name goes into bold text decoration, correct? If that’s the case, then the ones I selected did not get bolded, but rather other ones..

  9. Lord Wiggly says:

    Yeah I thought the poll was bust too but the bold person shown is the leader, right Gates?

    SheBee, why is your sexy geekdom not up there in the Top 10? Seems like its been rigged yo!

    I think the public should be able to buy paraphernalia from the Top 10 Nerdies….I start the bidding at 10ZAR for Snow Goose’s light blue mask of awesomeness.

  10. ExMi says:

    yeah. gimme.

    although i’ve jsut been told by the Grand Auction Master my bid is too high.

    i lower my bid to twenty ZA ront.

  11. Mike says:

    @Miss P – now exactly how, when you win this little thing, are you going to claim my fuzz? Regardless of which head we’re talking about.

    The fuzz does have it’s benefits, so I might counter-bid. Can I counter-bid my own fuzz?

  12. Heidi says:

    Ooh ooh! I bid 20 ZA ront on my hand painted, one of a kind Twitter shirt!!

    Just had an idea… If I win the Nerdies, I’ll wear my ridiculous Little Miss Twitter outfit to the next 27Dinner!

  13. Miss P says:

    see ya, raise ya, 45 ront, and 10 cents. The 10 cents being on account of the fact that Ihave not yet established how I’dlay myhands on said fuzz should the bid be successful …

  14. simonB says:

    I must say, 37 votes – 2nd position for a guy who probably has the worst profile pic on this list isnt bad – thanx to everyone who voted for #simonB and brought a smile to my face. This whole #nerdies09 thingy was fun, lets do it again next year 😉

  15. Talita says:

    I leave the web for a few weeks and what happens? Sheebs starts a bloody riot! WTF but cudos none the less, for a ‘blocked’ babe you do good!

  16. simonB says:

    @shebeegee I am not giving up 😉

    Didnt you see I even blogged it on my personal and business blog – the fring blog, hehe

    Btw – looks like everyone is bidding on something so why don’t I make something available from my side. I have an old and sweaty limited edition one of its kind fring Tshirt, this is the first fring tshirt ever be worn in South Africa? The winning bidder will receive the unwashed stinky Tshirt and I will even throw in a bonus a new sexy limit edition USB 1Gig fring flash drive.

    I wonder what pps are willing to bid for this amazing stuff..


  17. shebee says:

    woo! Simon why don’t you donate the flash drive as a prize rather and let us keep the bidding for personal items? 🙂 i bet twenty bucks on the fring shirt, bitches, its mine!!!

  18. Heidi says:

    shebee, i see your bid on my twitter shirt and raise you R40 plus the undies i was wearing over my pants in the pic… which i will also wear to 27dinner if i win the Nerdies.

  19. simonB says:

    Thanx for the bid @shebeegee.

    I was actually thinking of doing a charity event.
    So lets seperate the bids.
    1 for the tshirt and
    1. for the flashdrive.

    The catch is that every bid must be paid into the pot, so even if you loose the bid, you need to hand over the cash, that way the jackpot gets bigger and bigger and some lucky charity will benefit in the end. I will still need to sit down and pick a charity.

    What you think of that idea?
    I will flickr the prizes soon and link to them from here..

  20. Lord Wiggly says:

    100 bucks to strip Heidi out of her SuperGoose SnowGirl outfit, first t-shirt, then doondies and save the mask for last!

  21. Miss P says:

    Ok ok, so if this is for charity, I’ll raise my bid on Mike’s fuzz to 50 ront. Can I suggest a charity I know of in Cape Town, home for kids, husband and wife team who have taken in 40 wee kiddies and get jack in terms of funding, have been involved with them for a while, they’re poor as dirt mice, but them kids are rich as kings for being with Virginia and Oliver …. just a thought? In fact, on that note, I’ll make it a 100 ront bid …

  22. Miss P says:

    Good news Sheebeen! Spoke to yon charity I mentioned, they are NPO registered, so all these donations are also tax deductible.
    Mike, I fear yon hair is a distant memory … 🙂

  23. simonB says:

    Looks like only shebeegee is bidding on the fring gear on auction. Lucky girl is gona win both the items, if bidding is this slow. lol

    We (shebeegee and me) have decided that any money raised during the auction of my fring gear will got to the couple @Miss P mentioned earlier in this post.

    So keep those bids coming people, lets make January a good month for these little kiddies aswell 😉

    @miss P says: ” Spoke to yon charity I mentioned, they are NPO registered, so all these donations are also tax deductible.”

    Start bidding now – bidding closes at 5pm on Friday

    Item 1. My old and stinky fring tshirt:

    Item 2. A limited edition 1Gig fring flash drive:

  24. André says:

    Let it be known that I *have* to have The Goose’s panta-loons. I am led to believe they’ve only been worn once. Outside.
    No matter. I’ll deal.
    R150 is the bid.

  25. Miss P says:

    @Simonb: Bugger, the IT Nazi’s have blocked yon Flickr on the work network. Anywhere else where I can eyeball the goods, or do I just bid on trust?

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