The girl who never was

All this boy-trying-to-track-down-random-girl talk has made me nostalgic. There is another Saffa who found a girl indescribably appealing and tried to trace her.

Which makes me think: would I ever be the girl ‘who never was’ to some random guy? I don’t ever see it happening. And also, if it did, what would be so indescribably appealing about me?

If it were left up to me, I’d probably like to be remembered for … lets see:

* loud, contagious laugh, with one or two (ladylike) snorts in between the grunts

* the girl with the daintiest hands, with nails that are ok’ish. Small, yes, but neat and tidy and not a complete disaster

* the random bunch of freckles on her nose

* the cute way she has a dimple to the left of her corny grin

Hmmm. Mostly, this post has made me wonder: has any oke, random or not, ever noticed any of these things about me?