The five rand rapist man

I’m an old sap, I know, but I’m reading something that has had me in tears all day.  Go here.  I can’t understand how this can happen. The girl is six years old. Six-years-old-goddamnit.  Why was she left alone in the first place to roam the neighbourhood?

I am haunted by visions of her being trampled into the ground, the excruciating pain of her hymen being torn open and shred to bits. Of her not being able to breathe for some huge male is atop her, thrusting his entire body weight into her again and again and again. She must be so confused, why is he doing this – what has she done wrong? She tries to scream, but he muffles her small little mouth with his big hands and pushes her head to one side so that her neck is twisted enough for her face to be in the dirt.  She lays there too weak to fight him off, too terrified to try. The tears are flowing down her cheeks and leaving a clean stain all the way down her face.

Afterwards, the man stops moving inside her, gets up off the little girl, pulls up his pants and spits on a five rand coin and then throws it at her just before walking away. She’s left in the bushes with leaves in her hair and sand all over her tear-stained face. She tries to put her clothing back together but everything is just so sore and painful and her tummy hurts too much.  She’s only just learnt how to dress herself and she’s too confused at the moment to remember how. 

She’s all alone in the bushes, where are her friends? They saw the man chasing her, why didn’t they call anyone? Where are the grown ups?  How will she get home?

Pulling herself up, she stumbles a few steps before getting her balance right.  Concentrating one foot in front of the other, she starts making her way home. Back past the way she came, where he caught her in the first place.  Why is no one helping her, the can see something is wrong. Can’t they see how she’s walking?

As she takes one step after the other, blood is pouring out of her six year old private place. She’s so small and vulnerable and now she has blood running down her legs from somewhere inside her that she isn’t even aware of. How will her mother react? Will her mother even care? Is what the man did wrong? She just doesn’t know, she’s too young to comprehend why this has happened.

Six years down the line she’s outside the local shebeen leaning up against the tree pressing out her hips with her legs slightly parted showing off as much skin as possible.  Her breasts haven’t come into full blossom yet, but she knows it’s the way to most African men’s heart.  For R5 she will allow the drunk patrons to do what that other man did to her all those years ago, except now she’s older it isn’t very painful anymore.  She is only 11 years old but no one cares that what she is doing is wrong, its the norm. 

The R5 she gets is how she pays to feed herself that night.  Sometimes when her mother is away working, the R5 is all her family relies on, all her siblings will eat with.

It’s a blessing in disguise really, what happened to her when she was six. It prepared her for a life not unordinary in this country. It taught her that humans aren’t compassionate enough, not vigilant enough, aren’t investigative enough.  It taught her a career of selling her body, over and over again. She knows nothing else, she never will. Sex is a form of receiving money to her, nothing more. Why else would anybody want to do this, anyway, is there another reason she’s missing out on?

It taught her that HIV-infected men will find the youngest virgin around and rip into her hymen without a second thought in order to “cure” their self inflicted disease.  It taught her to be brave and withstand moral dilemmas and turn the other cheek towards right and wrong.

This is how she survives Africa. This is how she pays for her AVR medication that the government sometimes grants them.  The R5 rapist man taught her this.


  1. shebee says:

    This is the exact reaction I was hoping for. Rape is something very close to my heart, children being victims through no fault of their own is even closer.

  2. Amy says:

    Disgusting as it is, its even more vile that its becoming so common place. I read an rticle during the week about an American couple who were trying to sell their 5yr old daughter for sexual favours in return for a new apartment…. I almost started crying right there are my work desk.

    My heart bleeds for any person, grown or otherwise, who has ever had to suffer through that nightmare…..

  3. Candy Grrl says:

    I also didn’t read the whole way through…it’s become so common that we already know the ending…which is sick in itself. How can we help? How can we make a change? I’d preferably like to cut off every rapists dick with a wooden spoon & let the mob get a hold of the sick mother fuckers!

    So sad for the start to the day 🙁

  4. Stef says:

    unreal, what saddens me even more is the countless kids that never has the guts to tell their mothers… that carries that experience with them with nobody to talk to.

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