The Cat In The Hat In A Water Puddle Sat.


So last week when asked if I had my outfit ready for Jon’s year end function I replied with a resounding and mock offended, “Of course I do, man! It’s been ready for ages!” Except, in truth, it really wasn’t.  Not even a little bit.  I planned to dress as that dude up there in the hat, and Jon was awesome enough to even find me one, all I had to do was chuck an outfit together, right?  Wrong.

I flew home yesterday an hour early to GHD my hair and dolly my face up a bit before climbing into the only little black number I own, finishing it all off with a pair of hot yellow stilettos.  Only, I’ve just moved house, innit?  You think I could find that frigging little black number anywhere? Not a flying chance!  Jon was due to pick me up at 18.30pm and he’s anal about being late.  Like, 3 minutes late is a no-no in a big fucking way to him.  I’m always like, “meh – I’ll make an entrance” and he’s all, lets be there before to watch other people making entrances.  HELLO! HAVE YOU MET ME?  I am the queen bee of “making entrances”.  And since his car is so much awesomer than mine, he tends to drive us everywhere and I tend to have to follow the rules and try and be on time.

Barring yesterday.  Because like, at 18.05pm Talita* is sitting on my bed watching me make my room rain with clothes and shoes until I reach the point of desperation and she yanks me downstairs, clad with plastic money card, shoves me into the car and squeals as we race to Cresta Mall in order to find another little black number at Edgars.  So I did the duly responsible adult thing and spent WAY too much on a sexy little RED number instead.  Complete with cleavage detail that could impress Hugh Hefner, and his girlfriends.  And their butlers.

Next mission?  The picture says I needed a bow tie.  Thank god Jon is so jacked because he arrived with a funky red office tie instead, which I draped seductively over my booblets.  I then found 3/4 black stockings that go up to the knee and slipped my shrunken right footed feet into a pair of Talita’s black wedges with peep-toe detail. To complete the outfit, I painted my nails bright red & hooked myself up with pretty silver hoop earrings.  I actually looked like the outfit had been planned the whole time.  I even felt like a bit of a girl, it was nice.

Best of all?  I only made us 5 minutes late.  Jon stressed the whole way there, but once we arrived all tardiness was forgotten and we got well lubricated with inkajol and danced the night away singing cheesy songs like Summer Loving Had Me A Blaaa aaaast & doing 80’s twister maneuvers.  Year end functions are awesome.  His colleagues are lovely and there was a (band?) playing drums topless with omg hot men who had all the girls drooling lovely looking gentlemen without their upper body garments on.  We finally got to bed just after 2am and really battled to get out of bed this morning.  It was just so warm and cuddly and inviting.  The bed was cool too 😉

Now, if someone could hand me some more sweet tea and possibly tell me where the eff I’ve left my eyeliner, that would be awesome.

Happy hump day, everyone!

*Talita is Vincent’s fiance.  Aka my other new housemate.


  1. Shebee says:

    CC – I didn’t take any pics with my blackberry but there were lots of pics taken at the function, as soon as I get my hands on them I’ll post them here, okay?

  2. flarkus says:

    Ummm… “80s Twister”??? You’re about 2 decades off there, dearie. We were jumping around to Madonna, MJ and Kriss-Kross in them 80s!

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